Role Of The Eu In Enforcing Environmental Laws Law Assignment

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The European Union (EU) is concerned with the protection of the environment. The union
has adopted various measures with the aim of improving the quality of the environment
for the European citizens. Provision of high quality environment ensures provision of high
quality of life for the people (Booth et al 2015). The conservation of the environment is
made through adherence to the environmental laws and regulations that have been set.
The EU institutions have developed the right set of standards. The EU has developed the
right set of policies that enables the countries of the European Union to be more
environmental friendly while also protecting the natural resources (Reid, 2016). This is a
mechanism to ensure that the well-being of the people is protected. In line to the issue,
there are various polices formulated that seek to protect these natural resources (Jordan,
Provides the platform for the environmental assessment
The EU institution seeks to maintain the environmental standards through the environment
assessment. The environmental assessment seeks to evaluate in various aspect for the
environment in order to provide the right guideline in the main aspects that should hold
(Hodson, 2017). The assessments entail the evaluation for the climate change impacts.
The EU institutions further provides mechanism through which regulation of the industries
and other human activities is done. The particular regulation by the EU seeks to limit the
carbon dioxide emissions from the factories while also providing the maximum amount
that should be allowed per a given region (Axelrod & VanDeveer, 2014).
Additionally, the EU institutions seeks to ensure that practices such as deforestation and
other human activities that damage the natural environment. The EU seeks to ensure there
are appropriate mechanism for the people who are engaging in these practices.
Appropriate legislation frameworks has been provided that seeks to ensure that the
companies within the Europe jurisdiction apply technologies of production in a mechanism
that seeks to ensure that there is minimal destruction of the environment. Some of the
technology include Green energy technology, wastage efficiency system (Dickinson 2016).
The provision for deploying these systems is to ensure that only the sustainable energy
methods are only applicable in the industries in Europe.
The implementation of the community legislation is ensured by the member states of
European Union. Jordan, (2009) depicts that the implementation and enforcement of the
action at the national level requires the European Commission to fulfill and act the role of
the guardian of treaties through providing the guideline through which all these
regulations are ensured (Hedemann-Robinson, 2015). The Commission is therefore
bestowed with the power to ensure that the major provision of the EU treaty are being
Challenges of Brexit in environmental law implementation
The main challenge of the Brexit in ensuring...

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