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As a healthcare student, the concept of Work based learning is something that I have become familiar with. Embarking on a career within medical imaging, it has become an integral part of my professional development and lifelong learning. Though various publications and articles introduce and explain the methodology of Work Based Learning, Raelin’s (2008) simplified theory was the light switch to my understanding. He believes the concept expressively emerges theory with practice; knowledge with experience and recognizes that the workplace provides as many opportunities for students to learn as the classroom. In this paper, I will present evidence of reflection which shows my own personal development within medical imaging.
With the emergence of work based learning programmes, active reflection has been incorporated into core modules within university to help facilitate the development of students. Heyler (2015) believes the collaboration of experience, learning, theory and practice results in a far greater potential for innovation than any of the aspects alone. With enhanced steps such as analysis and action plan, I reflect on my clinical experience using Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988; Appendix 1), as it allows me to draw conclusions identifying where I went wrong and how I plan to overcome future obstacles. Gathering feedback from clinical placement, I have comprised a SWOC analysis (See appendix 2) which highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges within my base hospital
Feedback from mentors and clinical staff highlight my strengths within radiography. Described as proactive, having strong listening skills and being polite and considerate towards patients (see appendix 3; SWOC), these characteristics are all regarded as valuable and comply with the HCPC Standards of Proficiency for Radiographers in terms of communicating appropriately and effectively (Standards of proficiency, 2013). The ability to be a good team member also resonates with the HCPC standards as it states the importance of building and sustaining professional relationships (Standards of proficiency, 2013). I believe my strengths will have a significant contribution within my chosen elective and in shaping my career as a radiographer. As a student, it is easy to focus only on weaknesses. It is therefore critical, that I continue to develop my strengths and utilise them well within practice.
During placement, challenges can be presented. Increased numbers of trainees in one base hospital can have a negative impact on the student learning experience and their progression (Eddy, 2009). This is something I can resonate with. Due to the increase in demand of radiographers, cohorts are expanding and with that, hospital trusts struggle to provide students the opportunity to gain experience in every department. Moriarty et al (2011) further notes the discrepancy between limited training and decreased confidence. With only two weeks of plain film in my sec...



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