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Name: _________________________________
What You Need To Know for the Chemistry Regents Exam
The Test
The Chemisty Regents Exam is broken down into three sections:
Part A: 35 mulitple choice questions from all units covered over the
course of the school year.
Part B: Approximately 25 questions, with a mix of short answer
and multiple choice. Questions focus on the Reference
Tables, graphing, and laboratory experiments.
Part C: Approximately 15 short answer questions, most broken
down into smaller parts. This is often an eclectic,
unpredictable mix of questions from various units, and may demand
students write short paragraphs, use equations and reference tables, or
draw graphs and diagrams in order to correctly answer the questions.
Students taking the exam should come with a 4-function or scientific calculator (not a
graphing calculator), pen, and pencil. Reference Tables will be provided. Students are
required to stay in the examination room for a minimum of 2 hours from the time the test
is distributed.
Exam Date:_________________________________
There are 12 specific topics covered on the test. In addition to these you will be required
to demonstrate math and graphing skills. The 12 topics covered are:
The Atom Moles and Stoichiometry
Nuclear Chemistry Solutions
Bonding Kinetics and Equilibrium
Matter Acids, Bases and Salts
Energy Oxidation-Reduction (Redox)
The Periodic Table Organic Chemistry
What is the point of this packet?
This review packet was assembled from NY State’s Core Curriculum, which outlines the
material to be tested on the Regents exam. This is by no means a thorough review of the
entire course. It is designed to be used with review sheets, past Regents exams and your
Reference tables to help you prepare for the coming test. Emphasis is placed on key ideas
that are stressed by the Core Curriculum. Additional space has been left for you to add
your own notes.
You cannot passively prepare for the Chemistry Regents. There are no shortcuts. You
have to study, ask questions, analyze problems and come to review sessions to be
thoroughly prepared.
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Topic One: The Atom
1. The modern model of the atom has evolved over a long period of time through the
work of many scientists.
 Dalton’s Model:
 Elements are made of atoms
 Atoms of an element are the same.
 Compounds are formed from combinations of atoms.
 Rutherford Experiment
 Bombarded gold foil with alpha particles. Showed atoms
were mostly empty space with small, dense positively
charged nucleus.
 Bohr Model
 Small, dense, positively charged nucleus surrounded by electrons in circular
 Wave-Mechanical Model (Modern Atomic Theory)
 Small, dense, nucleus positively charged nucleus
surrounded by electrons moving in “electron cloud”.
 “Orbitals” are areas where an electron with a certain amount of energy is most
likely to be found.
2. Each atom is made of a positively charged nucleus with one or more orbiting,
negatively charged electrons.
3. Prot...

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