Seminar Lgbtq Ruby Fruit Jungle English Lgbtq Assignement

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LGBTQ Litterature Zaina Sarris
16th of April 2018
How does relationship between Molly and her "Mother" affect her?
Molly’s “mother”, Carrie, doesn’t have any good bond or approach towards her daughter. She constantly bashes her and tries to grow fear into her. She is always putting her down low and reminds her how she comes from dirty blood, reminding her that she is not her real mother and her real mother who was a slut threw her away and how she did not expect anything good out of Molly since she descends from a slut. She calls Molly a bastard. Molly seeks strength else where since she is not yet powerful enough to take revenge from her mother and that is through how she seeks revenge from Earl. She tries to leave the house but fails and returns. “I ran out the door and tore all the way over the wheat fields up to the woods” (Brown 7)
How does Molly find true strength in herself at the end of Chapter 2?
At the end of Chapter 2, Molly strengthens herself by responding to situations with solutions that are in her favor. She mentally and physically pushes strongly through any tough situation she faces. She also takes matters into her own hands and has the courage to go seeking for revenge from Earl who had previously snitched on her several times. She strongly tells him to his face: "You rat on me one more time and I'm gonna do a whole lot worse so you'd better lay off me, Earl Stambach." (Brown 15)
"What is the significance of the storm and the rainbow in Chapter 3?"
After the sorrow and pain that everyone felt after Jennifer’s death. Molly took Leroy and Ted into the woods and to the pond hoping they would change some atmosphere and start healing from their pain. As she plans on doing so, a big storm hits and is followed by a beautiful rainbow that helps heal Molly. She symbolizes it to Jennifer’s eternal presence in their lives. Leroy says that a rainbow should have a gold pot at the end of it but Molly wisely explains how “the rainbow was enough” (Brown 26) and it signifies better days.
At the end of Chapter 2, Molly straightened up...

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