Sexual Harassment In The Workplace English Class Essay

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Alec Moura
English Task 2
Sexual Harassment is harassment (typically of a woman) in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. This has become an ever-growing problem in society and has now recently come to people’s attention resulting in many celebrities speaking out on either some sort of sexual harassment they have experienced or what needs to be done about this issue.
Many people have different perspectives on this issue such as both young men and women compare to the older generation. During my research on this topic I’ve discovered that the older generations of men and women believe this issue has become immensely out of hand and ‘overblown’ whilst more young people believe very minimal things can be classified as sexual harassment and spreading the message through things such as social media will help people become aware.
A large portion of people believe that men are immune to sexual harassment and this is vastly incorrect, both genders are vulnerable to sexual harassment, but it has been proven that there have been more cases of sexual harassment towards women instead of men.
First Perspective:
Most Males and Females over the age of fifty believe most sexual harassment cases are overblown and due to very minimal events that happen in the workplace. “I actually feel sorry for men having to watch every word they say”, “If it’s someone putting their hand on a knee, 12 years ago, I just want to laugh”. These are just a couple of statements made by women over the age of fifty on the topic of sexual harassment. A group of women spoke out said they are worried that the recent stories about sexual harassment in the news will make men reluctant to make any form of contact with women at work. “It’s sad if a guy can’t smile at her when he’s attracted to her”, “Men are frightened. It’s gone to an extreme.”
They are also worried that these stories create a culture of sexual correctness, that they liken to political correctness. These powerful statements give us a small look at how most men and women over the age of fifty feel about the issue of sexual harassment.
Second Perspective:
Men and Women of the younger generation seem to have a very different perspective on sexual harassment and that would be getting everyone to publicly share their stories, whilst this is a good thing a small portion of women seem to be getting the wrong message. There was a video posted online of a woman accusing men of sexual harassment for simply saying “Hello”, her perspective and definition of sexual harassment...


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