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Sexuality And Life Essay

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Sexuality and Life In our world today, there is a variety of choices that you can make in life, such as what clothes you want to wear, what school you want to attend, what you want to do in your free time, and the list goes on. The point I am trying to get across, in the category of sexual preference, is a choice that people decide on in ones' life. It could be attraction to a persons nationality, their appearance, personality, or in some cases, attraction to the same sex. All of these examples that I have mentioned are all choices that humans make in life, but I have just named a few.On the sixteenth of April, our class was fortunate to have three guest speakers come in and talk about their ...view middle of the document...

Larry, on the other hand, is 52-year-old male that has been married for 27 years and is not gay or bisexual. Larry is really involved in church, but he is part of PFLAG because his best friend is gay, which makes him interested on why or how he did become gay. The female speaker named, Susan, had a pretty rough life growing up in the 70's when she realized that women is what attracted her. She mentioned that she was once married to a male, but for only a month. She said she hated it, and being married to a male grossed her out. Susan is a 47-year-old woman that went to an institution for her life as a lesbian because her father could not accept the fact that she was one. Both of her parents did not accept her for what she was attracted to, which were females, not males.As I was growing up as a child, I personally have always been attracted to females and never once thought of finding a male attractive in my eyes. As I was growing up, all throughout elementary and up until now, the term Gay always came across as a joke or used in a phrase with no meaning behind it. I have not taken the time to understand in depth, how people become or why people are gay or lesbians. After listening to the life of a person that is gay and a lesbian, I do not have anything against them for doing things that are not normal according to society. I strongly feel that a person's childhood slightly foreshadows the future for that specific individual. For example, in the case with Richard, always checking to see if a guy was attractive rather than a girl in a magazine is just a hint in his sexual preference that he noticed now. Also in Susan's case, as a child, always thought girls were attractive rather than boys. I strongly feel that a person's childhood growing up has a strong effect on not only their future sexual preference, but I also feel it has a lot to do with their personality and how they communicate with others. I feel this way because I have a cousin who is a 32-year-old male that is gay. He recently came out of the closet a year ago with his parents, which they then announced it to the rest of the family. Talking about my cousin's sexual preference leads to conversations on how he was always feminine as a child and how he never liked the same things that little boys liked, for example sports and trucks. He...

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