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In recent years, researchers have become interested in the emergence of tourism in
developing countries. It is evident that tourism is growing rapidly and is heavily relied on as
an important source of income and employment. In its essence, the term poor country or
developing country are normally shown as a country which has a less developed industrial
base and a low human development index. For example, there is an increase in international
tourist arrivals such as in 2011, there were about 983 million international tourist arrivals.
Another example will be its accessibility for the poor. Tourism is a very labour-intensive
sector and is consisted of many small companies altogether. Many jobs in tourism are suited
to, youths, women and tribal populations because they require few skills because they require
few skills and little investment. Finally, it’s response to particular assets such as the warm
climate, rich cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and vast biodiversity. These strengths are very
noticeable in rural areas, which may have a comparative advantage for tourism while being a
disadvantage to other activities. Therefore, it is important to discuss the issue because it could
affect the social welfare of citizens and although tourism could lead to GDP growth, it may
also cause economic problems for the economy. Thus this research aims to explain three
ways tourism can be an advantage to poor countries.
Studies have shown that tourism in poor/developing countries has helped the economy by
generating more employment opportunities. The term employment refers to an occupation by
which a person earns a living; work business. For example, in 2012, travel and tourism sector
generated jobs for about 20 million in 27 European Union countries, computing for 9% share
of the region’s total employment. (Athanasopoulou, 2013) . From this evidence, it is clear
that citizens from these countries will benefit from having employment opportunities.
Furthermore, it can also be seen from Klytchnikova and Dorosh (2009) global experience
shows that tourism can have compelling advantages at the local level by creating more jobs
and improving the salary, and several indirect effects in tourism-related activities. Thus based
on the examples, it can be concluded that tourism in poor/developing countries has helped the
economy by generating more employment opportunities for its citizens.
Nowadays, it can be seen that tourism in poor/developing countries has helped their economy
by ensuring foreign direct investments. The term investment refers to the action or process of
investing money for profit. For instance, allowing foreign multinational
corporations/countries to spend on other industries for specific tourism properties such as
new hotels and transport, as well as restaurants and attractions thus enabling tourism to
bloom in the poor/developing country. (World Travel and Tourism Council/ Oxford
Economics, 2013) From this evidence, it is clear that fore...

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