Simon Sinek Millennials Argument Prairie View A&M Univeristy Englsih Compostiton 1 Essay

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Ramiah Goff
Theodore Giraud
ENGL 1133-P37
11 February 2019
Simon Sinek Millennials Argument Analysis
There have been endless contentions and protections held by a wide range of individuals about millennials. Some state that millennials are still youngsters, some may even say that they are subject to others to complete work for them. In a meeting, Simon Sinek utilizes intelligent, yet passionate motivations to clarify why millennials carry on in the way that they do. Sinek proceeds to clarify that there are four key factors that assume a noteworthy job in this cycle: parenting, technology, impatience, and entitlement.
Sinek contends that kids are managed an "awful hand". He clarifies prior on in his discourse that millennials feel a feeling of self-privilege. As children, they tend not to fill in as hard for the things they need throughout everyday life. “Where they were told that they were special all the time, they were told they can get in to honor classes not because they deserved it but because their parents complained.” Parents pressure their children to be above and beyond the basic standard of a regular high school student. This eventually affects a child’s pride and will come off as self-entitled to other students and will look down upon anyone beneath them. Kids feel that they do not have to work hard for the things that they want, and it will just be given to them for no effort. That anything that they want in life, they can get it just by asking for it. A parent wants their child to behave mature and fully developed but still stay in a child’s place. This is a sense of hypocrisy. The parent wants their child to “wear the pants” but not “wear the pants” in the house. Sinek refers to this as “bad parenting”.
Technology and insight gratification. When millennials post an Instagram photo of themselves at the beach and it receives a lot of attention, (500-1,000 likes) they feel accomplished and their pride is higher than ever in that very moment. But when the next posts don’t receive as much attention, they then become embarrassed and end up deleting the post. It makes them think that they didn’t do something right. It makes them think “why isn’t this picture getting as much love as the last one did?” or “I thought this picture was cute, but Instagram doesn’t seem to think so”. They start to feel under estimated and not appreciated or not important. Social media is a program that millennials use to know if they are good enough and to be accepted as themselves to the rest of the world. Sinek mentions that social media affects their emotions and how they cope about their feelings. “We are growing up in a Facebook/Instagram world and putting filters on things. We’re good at showing people that life is amazing even though I am depressed.”, pathologically supporting his argument.
Millennials are gifted at concealing their feelings, regardless of whether it is certain or negative. Simon talks on how millennials wear this cover via web-based networking media to shut sentiments out. He states, "everyone sounds extreme and everyone sounds like they have everything made sense of and the fact of the matter is there's almost no sturdiness and the vast majority don't have everything made sense of" They might post as though everything is okay when it’s not. They additionally have diverse methods for dealing with stress. “We have age restrictions on smoking, drinking, and gambling but we have no age restrictions on social media and cell phones”. Sinek's ethical and moral methodology enables the reader to more likely comprehend his relationship. Although many would not offer liquor to their kids, it is proportionate to giving a child a telephone and giving them a chance to jump via web-based networking media.
At long last, he tends to the condition that most pre-adulthood are encompassed by today. According to Sinek, humans are unconsciously dependent on a medication called "dopamine". It is a synapse that enables the mind to control the reward and delight focus. At the end of the day, it makes things, for example, cellphones or that uncommon instant message significantly additionally engaging. It is the thing that makes them get their telephone amid a family trip or a supper date. It is the thing that makes them check their telephone before anything else. It, once more, ties once again into that feeling of restlessness and entitlement.
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