University Vs. Two Year College Southern University A&M College Essay

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Morgan Weaver
ENGL 111:01
02 December 2017
Research Essay
High School Study Abroad Programs
It is typically a big deal when deciding what one wants to do with their life after high school.
There are many different routes for people to chose from. Some decide to attend a four year
college, two year college, trade school, military, and some rely on talent. However, not all
students are as fortunate as others to have long term goals or parents to guide them. It’s essential
for students to know all of the different opportunities in the world for them to benefit from and
be exposed to. Overall, high schools should implement study abroad programs to give high
school students an insight of all the resources the world has to offer. It also gives high school
students the chance to find their individuality without the influence of others. High school
students will be able to explore their options, gets students out of their daily routine, and it’ll
make them strive for more.
First, if all high schools incorporated more study abroad programs all over the U.S, students
will have a better sense of direction after high school. Graduating from high school is a big deal
as well as determining life plans after high school. Today in society, it’s very evident that a lot of
high school students feel overwhelmed when deciding their next move in life. Some students feel
the pressure from their parents to do things that they don’t necessarily don’t want to do, some
prefer to do nothing after high school, while some join the work force. By studying abroad it’ll
definitely enhance student’s career paths. In fact, “During the study abroad program, you can
expose to different experiences which may impact the rest of your own life. Some students might
even end up changing their career path thanks to new things they learn from overseas that will
influence on your career or personal goals.” (Tran 2017) For instance, about 2 years ago I was
fortunate to join some of my family members on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Since there was no
phone service there I was forced to stay off of my phone, I was able to clear my mind and focus
on things that are important rather than materialistic things. I realized that I wanted to be able to
travel whenever I please I also realized that I wanted a financially stable career where I could
provide for my family. My trip to Cancun helped me figure out my career path and my lifetime
goals, and I believe it can also help students who struggle with a sense of purpose and direction
in their lives.
In addition, by high schools incorporating more study abroad programs, it’ll enable students to
get out of their daily routines. Each and every high school student has a different upbringing
which plays a major role on their role in society. Some students have a wealthy upbringing where
they’re able to do whatever they please. While some student aren’t as fortunate and they have to
work hard for every little thing they want however, their journey doesn’t...

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