Snail Invertebrates Science Report - Biology - Science Practical Experiment Report

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Gardens snails’ response to environment change Lily Espinosa
The invertebrate that was chosen for the experiment was the Snail Gastropoda. Snails like moist and shady areas, to protect themselves from harmful weathers. Snails also like soil and fresh leaves because they have easy access to food and moist conditions. Snails don’t like pees and tomatoes and its unsafe for them to consume pasta. Salt and water also both kill snails, this is because snails drown in water easily and salt dehydrates the snail leaving it to die. Snails are hermaphrodite and nocturnal.
Control- normal or ideal conditions
Dark, damp and humid conditions.
(What and how is it changed) Give units
The water quantity is changed in each environment. The water quantity is measured in mls (0, 10, 20 ,30, 40).
(what and how is it measured) Give units
The environment that the snails prefer and its being measured by seeing what percentage of snails prefer each environment.
Controlled Variables
(What is kept the same) Give units
Light, space, soil and temperature are the controlled variables because they are kept the same in all 5 environments.
If the independent variable (water) is increased, the snails will move to an environment with damper conditions, due to snails’ attraction to moist environments.
· 1x Drill
· 1x Saw
· 9x screws
· 3x wood planks
· 5x ice cream containers (16cm x 16cm)
· 5 cups of dirt
· 10x oak leaves (cut)
· 20 garden snails
· Water (100mls)
Method/set up:
1. 5 ice cream containers (16cm x 16cm) were collected and cleaned.
2. A pipe sized hole (4cm) was drilled into the middle of one side of an ice cream container.
3. Step 2 was repeated to another 3 ice cream containers.
4. Another pipe sized hole (5cm) was drilled in the middle on each side of 1 ice cream container.
5. A saw was used to cut a long pipe into 4 equal sized pieces.
6. The 4 pipes were fit through each of the holes of the ice cream containers.
7. A saw was used to cut a long plank of wood. The wood was cut in half and then one of the halves were cut in half again.
8. The wood planks were placed on the ground and then assembled in a cross formation.
9. A drill and some screws were used to screw the wood planks together.
10. The containers were placed on top of the wood.
11. A drill and screw were used to screw the middle of the containers to the wood cross.
12. Each enclosure was filled with a cup of soil and 2 cut oak leaves.
13. The snail’s locations were recor...

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