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INTRODUCTION  Instructor Name: Fcpl Wiles Date: 03-16-19 
Duration: 60 min / 2 days 
(If needed) 
Set up personal still first in the morning. 
Find a good spot for the class away from main areas. 
EO C290.04 Collect drinking water using a solar still 
PURPOSE  To teach cadets how to collect drinking water incase it is required in an 
emergency survival situation. 
CONTROL  During this lesson please pay attention and keep talking to a minimum. 
MAIN TEACHING POINTS  Tp1. Explain how to find and appropriate water collection site by digging hole 
Tp2. Demonstrate the construction of a solar still. 
Tp3. Explain how a solar still collects water. 
Tp4. Construct a solar still. 
Tp5. Tear down solar still. 
METHOD OF TEACHING   -Interactive lecture 
-Clear plastic bags 
-Plastic cups 
REFERENCE   290.04 instructors guide 
TEACHING POINT 1: Explain how to find a good site for your still. 
5 min 
BODY: Finding a good site   
-Any type of ground 
-Dig shallow wells near damp sand or plant growth 
-Dig near dunes in sandy areas 
-Streams or bends might have water deposits 
Q:what type of ground would be best for your still? 
A: Any ground 
Q: When would you use shallow wells? 
A: when you are near damp sand or areas with lots of plant growth.  
TEACHING POINT 2:​ Demonstrate the construction of a solar still. 
15 min 
BODY: construction of a solar still.   
-Hole 36 inches by 18 inches 
-Place plastic cup in the bottom 
-Place dirt or rocks on the edges to weigh it down. 
-Place a medium sized stone in the middle right above the cup so that water will run down into the cup. 
[make sure you don't get to heavy of a rock because the cup can't touch to bad.] 
Q: How wide should the hole be across? 
A:36 inches. 
Q: How deep should the hole be? 
A: 18 inches. 
Q: What do you use to weight down the edges of you bag? 
A: Rocks or dirt. 
TEACHING POINT 3: Explain how solar stills work. 
The heat from the sun warms the ground in the hole that you will dig. When wa...

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