Sometimes Life Can Be Unpredictable English Assignment Assignment

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Sometimes life can be unpredictable
Life is like a sea current. In calm currents, it can be our happiest moments, but a sea current is unpredictable and can change rapidly from tranquil to chaos. I recall a time when a major accident affected me. It was in my middle school years, on a regular night where I was in the car headed to badminton practice held in my middle school. Everything was normal, ate a delicious dinner, arrived at my destination safely and thank my parents. At the start of class, we started out with stretching exercises and a game to prepared out bodies for the demand ahead. We completed our stretches and transition into a game call British Bulldog, a harder version of Octopus. In the early game, it was a breeze but as the game progressed, people in the middle started to accumulate and the survivors started depleting in numbers. Realizing the situation, I access the environment and exploited a weakness in the defense line. There was a gap at the end of the defense line near the badminton nets which was the boundary. My body was feel with adrenaline. The round started, I sprinted straight across the gym but made a qu...


Assignment on how math can be used in the occupation of nursing - College Algebra - Research Paper

603 words - 3 pages converting between to measurements. In nursing this can be used to change patient information from the United States standard measurement system to the metric measurement system. This is important in the medical field because the metric system is what is used for measure patient information. If a patient comes in with information in US standard measurements and their must convert their measurements accurately. In nursing and in real life mistakes from

How Chris Brown Can Be Compared To Dancers From the Past - Dance - Assignment

509 words - 3 pages these movements is what makes it so happy. The artists’ dance moves are complex so they aren’t to show one how to dance to the song. Instead, it reinforces a message to live life to the fullest and to be delighted. The atmosphere created in the video is very lively as kids are shown to be jolly. At 0.46 when Chris brown says “Move your body out on the floor put you trouble aside”, that’s exactly what he does! Back flipping demonstrates excitement

mindless vs. mindful listening? What tips can you provide to help someone be more mindful? - COMM 121 Pierce college - Assignment

436 words - 2 pages Free When do you engage in mindless vs. mindful listening? What tips can you provide to help someone be more mindful? "Mindless Listening occurs when we react to others messages automatically and routinely without much mental investment." Even though I am guilty in engaging in mindless listening when my mother tells me to attend church with her on a Sunday morning. However, when the pastor starts preaching, I automatically sometimes zone out and my

What Readers can Learn In Nature Through Writing - English II - Assignment

638 words - 3 pages . These works of writing delve into unique aspects of the world around us and the lessons we can learn. The authors teach us to appreciate the miracle of nature, celebrate the differences and similarities, and the intelligence of nature. Nature seems to be some sort of miracle in the eyes of people who love it. When flowers miraculous started blooming in a desert of southern Arizona, many locals exclaimed that “God had planted them!” (Kingsolver

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974 words - 4 pages Ririe 4 James Ririe Ms. Hill English 1101 21 November, 2018 Therapy: A More Natural Method What is anxiety? Is it made up? What is a safe way to treat this condition? While most know what anxiety feels like, and how painful it can be, many doctors are still attempting to find out these questions. What complexes doctors in today’s world is the teenage brain. Generation X has the highest number of anxiety diagnosed teens in almost a century, and

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856 words - 4 pages Professor Woods English March 13,2019 The impact of fear There are many things that many people might be afraid of. Fear can affect a human being in many ways. Laura Wingfield and Oedipus Rex both come from different walks of life, but both experience fear that affects them drastically. In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, the characters Oedipus Rex and Laura Wingfield experience the effects of fear due to

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2285 words - 10 pages Morrison 9 Payton Morrison Professor Contreras English 3 7 December 2017 Why NCAA D1 Players Should Be Paid To Play? The question that was brought this writer was if they think D1 collegiate athletes should be paid to play their sport? In their opinion there could be pros and cons to both sides. It is very difficult for college students to maintain a full time job yet alone along with a sport. College athletes should get paid for putting

Dont suck the life from our oceans - Horace Greeley High School and English - Assignment

526 words - 3 pages choked straw because it is talking about turtles choked by straws. The implicit message is to stop harming the planet, specifically the wildlife, and by doing that is by simply doing the opposite of the graphic image of the advertisement. To just simply stop using plastic straws and use other alternatives, our just use none at all and use a refillable cup. That plastic kills animals and straws are just one simple thing you can take out of your life

Seeing Compassion: How we can see emotions - Writing 1 - Assignment

1784 words - 8 pages “people are trapped in history and history is trapped in them” (99). Indeed, history shapes society because history tends to repeat itself over the years. In Baldwin’s essay, the villagers attempt to grasp what they see because to the villagers, Baldwin was “simply a living wonder” (Baldwin 99). These villagers could not understand what they saw with naked eye. In addition, not everything should or can be seen. Baldwin states that “life would

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1208 words - 5 pages , reflective tone used in the chapter, Bechdel is writing to an audience of ordinary young people who may be struggling or have struggled in becoming their true selves. By combining figurative language with her personal experience, Bechdel provides her audience with a comforting story, to which they can relate. The combination of pictures and words are especially effective in conveying Bechdel’s message because each element of a picture-word

Assignment 2: Soliloquy Analysis - English Literature - Assignment

587 words - 3 pages death and he didn’t expect this decision from his Queen mother. From the ideas considered here, we can only expect more furiousness and rage from Hamlet. It looks like he will hold grudge with King Claudius and may never accept him as his stepfather or King of the empire. The modern-day adaptation of this soliloquy and Hamlet’s reactions are very obvious and can be seen in any society. A son whose father or mother dies needs special attention

Marketing – The Ethics of Emotion from a Can - Thompson Rivers University - BUSN 6011 - Assignment

1747 words - 7 pages consistently by everyone in all cases, without contradiction (Crane and Matten 2016, pg. 101). What if these neuroscience techniques were to be employed in all facets of life? Influencing who we vote for; influencing our views and opinions; influencing our stance on protecting the environment and encouraging sustainable practices in favor of the big mining companies? Can we honestly say that in all these contexts, the use of these neuroscience

Why can lying be important and how does it connect to the Crucible. - Valley Forge High School English - Essay

798 words - 4 pages Free used especially in a situation that could get someone killed.

All thought the book all I have noticed is mostly Abigail lies. She lies numerous all through the book. Abigail knows that what she is doing is wrong and she could get in bigger trouble for telling lies then the truth. Thats why I think lying can be used sometimes but it also depends mostly on what your lying about and the situation. 
 My overall opinion on lying is that it’s okay to

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1215 words - 5 pages chose to act the way he did, referencing the fact that destructive, ambition-driven actions come with great consequences. Shakespeare explores how free will can both be linked and affected by one's ambition, he does this through various characters such as both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth in turn, leading to their destructive downfall. The idea of one's fate being predetermined by God was a widely accepted idea during the Elizabethan era, it was

How the Drug War Failed and How It Can Be Improved - Credo High School/English - Research Paper - Research Paper

5581 words - 23 pages ). The same can be applied to people. If a person  has a good life, then they bond with a lot of different things. These are their friends,  their family, their hobbies, their hopes, their dreams, and their passions. If they aren’t  able to bond with anything, they won’t have a good life. So they take drugs, as they are  the only thing that they can bond with that will help them bare the pain of their own  existence. This can be seen in the vast