Sometimes Life Can Be Unpredictable English Assignment Assignment

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Sometimes life can be unpredictable
Life is like a sea current. In calm currents, it can be our happiest moments, but a sea current is unpredictable and can change rapidly from tranquil to chaos. I recall a time when a major accident affected me. It was in my middle school years, on a regular night where I was in the car headed to badminton practice held in my middle school. Everything was normal, ate a delicious dinner, arrived at my destination safely and thank my parents. At the start of class, we started out with stretching exercises and a game to prepared out bodies for the demand ahead. We completed our stretches and transition into a game call British Bulldog, a harder version of Octopus. In the early game, it was a breeze but as the game progressed, people in the middle started to accumulate and the survivors started depleting in numbers. Realizing the situation, I access the environment and exploited a weakness in the defense line. There was a gap at the end of the defense line near the badminton nets which was the boundary. My body was feel with adrenaline. The round started, I sprinted straight across the gym but made a quick...

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