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South Africa Essay

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In South Africa there are many different cultures, but what is amazing is that in South Africa everyone gets along . Because they have three capitals, a legislative , a judicial , and an administrative capital . The legislative capital of South Africa is Cape town . ( located at the southern most tip of South Africa ) The judicial capital is Bloemfontein . And ...view middle of the document...

A cool , interesting , and educational fact about general South Africa is the South African flag . Yeah , Yeah , I know , I know it may sound stupid but their flag has a big reason for having a normally uncommon amount of colors on their National flag . The facts behind South Africa's flag is that when it was adopted in 1994 , I t was because of the first multi-racial election held in South Africa . The flag's colors include black , yellow , white , red , green , and blue . The six colors shown in this flag have a reason for being there . The sic colors are representing the colors used be all six main political parties in the South African government .Another weird thing that most people don't know about South Africa is that it has four National Anthems . All the anthems are in different languages . "Nkosi Sikelel' !Afrika" is in the language Xhosa . " Morena Boloka Sechaba sa heso" is in Lesotho . " Seen ons here God , Seen Afrika" in Afrikaans . And in English the national anthem is " Lord bless Africa."

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