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Practical task write up
The reasons for completing this task is to test our ability to preform a task to the best we possible can, by using concentration, attention, stress, arousal, and to test out Yerkes and Dodson’s inverted U theory in a practical activity, which was putting a golf ball over 1.8 meters. The participants were eight Hutchins students, two Collegiate girls and one Fahn girl. Because I wasn’t there I would expect to discover that the participants would have a better result when the environment silent, and that the worst results would come when there was noise and distraction
Stress is a state of physiological or psychological tension produced by internal or external forces. Stress can come from a a variety of sources and be felt in a variety of ways be an athlete. On the other hand, arousal is the amount of readiness or activation a person experiences when faced with a task. Arousal is a heightened sense of physical and mental readiness for action. Often arousal is defined as the activation or readiness of the mind and body. Arousal is synonymous with alertness; the aroused individual is in a state of physiological readiness. A primary role of a coach is to place each of their athletes in their optimum range of arousal just as they enter competition. This is not an easy task. Each athlete is different in a particular situation and the one athlete will display different levels of arousal in different situations. It becomes even more complex when the same athlete responds differently to what appears, to most, to be an identical environment to that encountered previously. Finally, within the one competitive event or period of time an athlete’s arousal levels can by the minute. There are a number factors that affect arousal, level of experience of the athlete, optimum is lower for a beginner, the athlete’s perception of the competition, the degree of distraction or disruption in the pre-competition phase and their personality. Anxiety is feelings of worry or concern and negative thoughts and feelings are common in anxious people. An of apprehension closely associated with our own concept of fear. In a simplistic illustration of the relationship between the three it could be said that stress leads to anxiety which manifests itself as arousal. Trait and state anxiety are a psychological response to nervousness or worry. It generally brings with it a sense of unease about something with an uncertain outcome. It causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, but also increased nervousness. Anxiety stimulates our flight or fight response, releasing adrenaline into the blood stream. Both trait and state anxiety need to controlled in sporting context. Trait anxiety refers to anxiety as a characteristic of a person, so that the person is generally anxious about the unknown outcomes, it is a part of who the person is. People have various levels of trait anxiety, and an athlete with high levels of tr...


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