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On the move with Transportation
This program is designed for full time, full day class. Approximately within the hours of
8:30 am -4:30 pm, which are considered our peak hours. And by peak hours we mean,
the hours in which all children enrolled in the daycare are present and have arrived and
signed in. There are 6 two year olds enrolled in the classroom and one teacher. The
youngest child, Kamora, was actually moved into our classroom when she was 1 ½ due
to her size. Her favorite thing to do is play in the kitchen and feed the babies. Her
biggest interest has been pie. We created a pumpkin pie activity and its all she can talk
about. Chris and Dj are best friends, and instantly run to each other when dropped off.
Their favorite thing to do during free time is play with the dump trucks and race. Their go
to car is a red, yellow and blue truck. But when someone else has one of the two
identical trucks, the next favorite is a garbage truck. The boys like to describe what it
does and pretend they are taking and picking trash up. Chris likes to talk about how he
watched the garbage truck come to his house. Jermaine is shy, sweet, and silly. His
favorite toy is a fire truck that squirts water. His dad is a fireman so he likes to dress up
as one. In fact this year for halloween and the year before he was a fireman. We have
play fireman hats in the classroom and jermaine could wear it all day if you let him. He
is always talking about riding on a firetruck. Arabella and Logan have a mild form of
autism, and are not verbal but very active in activities, so using sign language is a big
part of our daily classroom agenda. Their favorite thing to do is dump all the buckets of
toys out and have recently learned to clean them back up. Logan has recently been
given teething toys, just because he likes the texture of having something in his mouth.
So we decided to getting teething toys that replicate food. He currently is obsessed with
a chocolate fudge ice cream one. Arabella likes to play in the kitchen, she plays mostly
with the watermelon and vegetables and brings them to the teacher to feed. The daily
schedule attached is a set up to help insure that all of the children enrolled get the same
amount of learning time as the others. This way the teacher can make sure each child is
being taught the same curriculum and she doesn’t have to go back and reteach just one
child. The unit selected for this particular classroom, is On the Move with
Transportation. You could spend a whole year exploring Transportation, especially
when the children are really interested in cars and trucks. While this time of year is a
great opportunity for studying a Food Unit, it’s also an ideal time to explore
transportation. ​With the holidays coming, many children will either be travelling
themselves, or waiting for family members to arrive. It’s a perfect opportunity to make
connections between what they are learning and exploring and what they are
experiencing in their lives....

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