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The Danger Of Not Aligning The Three Domains In Change

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The Danger of Not Aligning The Three Domains in ChangeIntroductionOrganizations today face major, discontinuous change that makes strategic management more difficult and complex than ever. Making a change program effective and breaking the status quo to reach a desired status cannot rely on customary managerial habits or intuitive management philosophies.The essay will use a failure change case of making divisional restructure by adding new team member to examine the theories and employ them as an analytical device to extend understanding of cause of the change program failure. It's focused on the three frameworks of change to understand the context, define the content and examine the ...view middle of the document...

The ophthalmology sales team was led by Sales Director.The company appointed a new expatriate Marketing Director, who had abundant product marketing experience and spoke only English. The Marketing Director was ambitious to turn around the declining business by changing the ophthalmology business into franchise (combined sales and marketing team led by one manager) in short term. He discussed with the two product managers about new strategies. To his disappointment, both product managers were lacking marketing management competency and poor in English communication. The Marketing Director thought about immediate organizational restructuring by adding one caliber person to his team. His proposal to recruit a new Ophthalmology National Business Manager under his umbrella parallel to the 2 product managers was approved by the General Manager. The new person was supposed to lead future ophthalmology franchise.During the interviews, the General Manager recommended strong candidates. But the Marketing Director didn't give much consideration to the General Manager's advice and even didn't conduct an interview with the recommended candidates. Finally he recruited someone he found matured and ideal to the position. The announcement was made and the new National Business Manager was on board. In order not to hurt the feeling of the 2 product managers, the Marketing Director had conversation with them and explained that the newly recruited person would only be responsible for sales & marketing coordination. He anticipated the 2 product managers and the national business manager to cooperate with each other and bring up the business. The product managers expressed their understanding and willingness of collaboration. In reality, none of them took their supervisor's words seriously nor showing any welcome to the new colleague.Not long after, the Marketing Director asked the National Business Manager and one product manager to accompany 40 doctors to attend a company-sponsored symposium overseas. Something unexpected happened. In the first week of his trip in Sydney, the National Business Manager wrote e-mail to Marketing Director by copying the General Manager claiming that the product manager didn't take care of the doctors but only concentrated on her personal plan of visiting relatives and shopping. The Marketing Director advised him to continue to take care of the doctors as usual and report the detail after return. Upon their return, the Marketing Director was so surprised that the product manager accused the National Business Manager's sexual harassment during the trip. Not being able to prove who had told the truth, nor could he settle down their accusation against each other, the Marketing Director involved the HR Director to handle the perplexing situation. When time passed by, the fuss between the two managers was calmed down, while they work on their own like stranger to each other. The National Business Manager with less language barrier kept...

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