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Didem Kurt 5516 Proposal 14 11 2001 Cyprus Conflict Cyprus Conflict Has

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Didem Kurt 5516 Proposal 14-11-2001 CYPRUS CONFLICT Cyprus Conflict has a long background because Cyprus has suffered a long history of foreign dominations, violence, and civil strife. This controversial issue is very crucial because it affects not only Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots but also a significant part of other countries. In addition, it is not an only territorial problem, it is a political issue.I chose this ...view middle of the document...

Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot are the main sides of this crucial conflict. However, Turkey and Greek have major functions because of their history. In some cases some other countries are involved in. For instance the issue of joining the European Union. In this case, England, France and some other countries interfere this conflict. It is obvious that Cyprus conflict is taking place in Cyprus. However, it is sometimes discussed in various platforms. As it is emphasised before this paragraph, European Union platform is one of them.Finally, I chose many various sources some of them are based on web sources and others are books and articles. In addition to these, I also want to explain the truths that I learned from the first hand sources and the interpretations of both a Turkish historian and a Greek historian. Therefore, sources were chosen according to this. In addition, my main sources are The Cyprus Conflict written by Dodd Clement because it explains this conflict in a wide perspective and I think objective.

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