Assignment On The Artwork That Caught My Eye

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All my life I have always loved scenery base art that has a futuristic or fantasy look to it. So when I started to look for my art at the Dallas Art Museum I already had a basic idea of what to look for. In the beginning when I was looking for the art of my choice I was just playing around talking about the arts that seem to me to have no uniqueness to them. About twenty minutes of looking around and playing I came to a painting by Antonio Canal ("Canaletto") called The Grand Tour. My first look at the painting was just a glance but that was enough for the painting and me to connect and make me turn around for more thorough investigation. The Grand Tour is a spectacular piece that shows a view from Fondamenta Nuove looking toward San Cristoforo, San Michele, and Murano; it was also the piece I was looking for.. The artwork is portrayed on oil on canvas that adds a shinning look to it; coincidently the shininess of the art helps since the art is in a day time setting. The picture has a structure in the middle of a lake that is surrounded by land; this provides a fantasy fell to the art since the technology was not available yet to create structures on top of lakes. After looking at The Grand Tour; I decided to walk around to see what else was offered. It took me about thirty more mintes to look at the whole musuem for scenery base art and although I found some more none connected with me like The Grand Tour. I went back to the painting The Grand Tour to get all its information and to take picture to write about the art work that caught my eye.


That Eye The Sky - Supernatural Analysis

1258 words - 6 pages English Essay "“ "˜That Eye, The Sky' Critically comment on Winton's presentation of the supernatural in "˜That Eye, The Sky' "˜That Eye, The Sky', by Tim Winton, is a story about love, a boy's vision of the world and the faint line between the natural and supernatural. Winton focuses on presenting the reader with a view of the mystical and extraordinary i.e. things beyond natural. The story is narrated by a young boy named

Essay Proving The People Of Maycomb Really Weren't That Bad; "Please Won't You Be My Neighbor"

743 words - 3 pages Most people in today's world are always running around all over the place, always with places to be and things to do, and often times, they do not take the time to get to know their neighbors. This was not the case during the early 1930's. Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird" takes place during the Great Depression, which was a massive global economic recession that hit the United States the hardest, and many people barely had enough money for

Visual Analysis of an art taken by a Japanese photographer - Art - Assignment

402 words - 2 pages Free between the plain and leveled railroads and a tall building in the horizon seems to represent people to reach higher. It’s also unusual that the building’s color is the only one that shines in the photograph. What I like about this artwork is that it’s in black and white just like any other photograph that’s captured by Keizo Kitajima. Being black and white teaches you to see the world more graphically, it takes away the distraction of color. The viewers eye concentrates on the subject itself. Tones, shapes, textures, light play, shadows, and depth of field all become more apparent when the element of color is removed.

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564 words - 3 pages pretty happy of what I have ended up with my artwork they have ended up pretty amazing to look at I was not excepting this kind of artworks from me it is actually my best still life artworks. I have never done a still life artwork before and the artworks were challenging for me but at the end it was very surprising for me. I could have improved on the combination of my colours and techniques; I could have used more materials for my artwork.The

Paper On jackson pollock blue poles

713 words - 3 pages black paint that has been splashed on to give the piece an abstract affect. The artwork has been composed with various colours which have been thrown and splashed on. If you look closely, you can see fragments of broken glass, embedded in the thick paint of the bottom right corner of the artwork. It is also quite noticeable that Pollock has stepped into the wet paint with his bare foot in the top right corner of the artwork. And suspiciously, in

Sometimes life can be unpredictable - English Assignment - Assignment

431 words - 2 pages dash and while running near the nets, my glasses caught the net and came off. My vision blurred, and I stopped. I covered my hand over my eyes and got up. Suddenly as I open my eyes, a dark red liquid appeared on my hands. My instructor rushed me to the washroom and as I looked upon my reflection, I see a cut located at the side of my right eye. The bandages and cottons were soaked in blood as I continuously put pressure. I arrived at the

Sacred Geometry- The Perfect Proof- “Gelli Plate Monoprints” - ECU/Art - Essay

698 words - 3 pages Free Sacred Geometry- The Perfect Proof- “Gelli Plate Monoprints” During the visit of artist Reni Gower gallery talk, I came upon a piece of artwork that I was fascinated with. The piece I chose for my first art gallery review is called “Gelli Plate Monoprints”, which features the work of mixed-media artist Reni Gower. This artwork consisted of singular “papercuts”, pulped painting, and grid installations which are complex patterns inspired by Celtic


462 words - 2 pages something exotic. One of his famous piece can be found in Las Vegas in the lobby of the Bellagio. Dale got into an accident in 1976 that caused glass that blinded his left eye. He then went and created a team where he conducted everything and choreographed his artwork. Despite with what he went through, all of his pieces are created through his mind and his vision. When he creates his art, he goes to the site do investigation to see how the artwork

The art of memories - William Utermohlen - idk - feature article

746 words - 3 pages into simple yet powerful facial features. “These Portraits are just another way of documenting my life.” – William Utermohlen, 1996. Diagnosed in 1995, Utermohlen pursued an 8 year-long project documenting his own life. His first Artwork through this journey was labelled Blue Skies and shows himself in an empty-featureless room clamped to the table as the roof starts to disperse. (Blue Skies, 1995, Oil on Canvas, 152x122cm) Utermohlen’s

Raoul Dufy a very good story it is very nice and fun it is very good. - Ivanhoe Grammar - Research paper

516 words - 3 pages Raoul Dufy Raoul Dufy, a French Fauvist painter, born June 3, 1877, Le Havre France-died March 23, 1953, Forcalquier France. Dufy belonged to a family who had an interest in art and especially musical, thanks to them they helped spark the creativity and innovation that we saw in Raoul. He is famous for his bright coloured and decorative artwork, always

Symbolism Analysis of Short Story - Los Angeles Community College - Essay

1692 words - 7 pages into the soul of the narrator. He describes the chilling feeling of being watched: “I think it was his eye! . . . Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran Becker 2 cold” (42). To suggest that his blood chills when gazed upon suggests he feels seen for who he truly is and fears having to confront his true self. The narrator convinces himself he is wrongfully judged, suggesting it was “a pale blue eye, with a film over over it.” (42) If the eye is

Art review: Undergraduate Homecoming Exhibit - Understanding the Visual of Arts - Assignment

553 words - 3 pages Free can’t.” Our generation is a total different breath from the others who have before us. This Art Exhibit opened my eyes to a lot of this going on around me that I can change, and maybe influence others to change as well. All of the artwork in the gallery was unique and beautiful. The work on the wall was laid out exactly how the story was being told around the room. Before attending Southern University, I have never thought about going to an Art

Frank Shepard Fairey

502 words - 3 pages street art. He would use stickers, and he would put in wall and stop signs. His first big experiment that went viral was his stickers known as "Andre the Giant Has a Posse".He never had any political purpose, when he created Andre the Giant, but he made a big impact, creating this artwork. Another big artwork that is very big, and a lot of people got to know him for it is The Obama HOPE Poster. Usually artists struggle trying to make a very well

Artist investigation Hayley Walsh - PMACS, Art year 11 - Essay

841 words - 4 pages create imagery that the bird has fur. She also uses darker colours to create shadow on the larger bird, this creates the effect of her art being three-dimensional COMPOSITION- The artist composes this artwork using many elements and principles to create effects on the viewers. Some of them are as follows; Her colour scheme consists of mostly cool tones this contrasts with the warmer tones used in the found print in the background. Also the cool

Guide To Paradynes

282 words - 2 pages Free The second website I visited was This is a very interesting website which describes how the number of chartered British, Scottish, and Irish acountants has blossomed from about 6,000 in the early 1900's to over 100,000 in todays time.Clicking on the link "ancient accounting" at the top of the page sends you off to a webpage that really caught my eye. In the top right corner of the page is a picture in the Tomb of