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The approach which I used towards solving for the case consisted of regression runs and decomposition forecasting. The given data consisted of non aligned months, missing observations and billing issuance dates variability. The utility usage is expressed in units of consumption so inflation is not taken into account in the modeling through regression. The break up of the technique that I used is given in steps as under.1)Cleaning the data2)Modeling for Natural Gas Usage3)Forecasting of Usage in June, July & August4)Modeling for Electricity Usage5)Forecasting of Usage in June, July & August6)Classical Decomposition Forecasting7)Comparing of Regression Forecasting & Decomposit ...view middle of the document...

b) Aligning the DataThe observation periods were not perfectly aligned. The gas consumption observation for the month reflects the period from December 18, 1990 through January 11, 1991, while the electricity observation reflects the period from December 12, 1990, through January 11, 1991.The values of variable V3, V11 and V12 were adjusted to align the data on one date. The data was move forward on the 1st of next month by using the following formula.((V31*(V21-17))/V21) + ((17*V32)/V22) [For calculating V3 Natural Gas]((V171*(V21-17))/V21) + ((17*V172)/V22) [For calculating V17 Natural Gas]((V121*(V21-17))/V21) + ((17*V122)/V22) [For calculating V12 Natural Gas]These formulas are for the first values of the model to align these values on the 1st of the month. All the 81 values were aligned in the same way for the natural gas and electric usage. The difference in electric usage formulas was only in the dates where seventeen was replaced with 12.2) Modeling for Natural Gas UsageCorrelation for Natural gas was done by selecting MEAN (V5, 4) as the dependent Variable and V2, V13, V3NG, V11NG, V12NG, MEAN (V4, 4), MEAN (V6, 4) and V10. Out of these six independent variables MEAN (V6, 4) and V10 were not significant. Then regression model was run which gave an R square value of 0.978 and three variables were not significant as the p value was greater than 0.05. Regression was run again and again until all the independent variables were significant. At the end V2, V13, V3NG, V11NG, V12NG, MEAN (V6, 4) were significant with an R square value of 0.845.Case Wise DiagnosticValues were cleaned by deleting the outliers with the help of regression case wise diagnostic. Two standard deviations were selected in the statistics so that the outliers that are outside the two standard deviations should be displayed by regression. Case wise diagnostic was run eight times and 19 values were deleted from the data. MEAN (V6, 4) was also removed from the independent variables and achieved an R square value of 0.976.Eliminated53616735374970255565385854313456731Equation of Model: Y = 150.054- 2.626 V3 NG + 1.95V11NG + .310 V12NG+ 32.89V13Model Summary (b)ModelRR SquareAdjusted R SquareStd. Error of the Estimate1.988(a).976.97415.616a) Predictors: (Constant), V13, V3 NG, V12 NG, V11 NGb) Dependent Variable: MEAN (V5, 4)ANOVA (b)Model Sum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig.1Regression512399.6594128099.915525.288.000(a)Residual12437.18051243.866Total524836.83955a) Predictors: (Constant), V13, V3 NG, V12 NG, V11 NGb) Dependent Variable: MEAN (V5, 4)Coefficients (a)Model Unstandardized CoefficientsStandardized CoefficientstSig.BStd. ErrorBeta1(Constant)150.05436.273 4.137.000V3 NG-2.626.573-.394-4.581.000V11 NG.195.020.7589.993.000V12 NG.310.044.2496.966.000V1332.8845.016.1436.556.000a) Dependent Variable: MEAN (V5, 4)F-Test for over all Significance:H0: β1 = β2 = β3 = 0Ha: One or more of the parameters is not equal to zeroTest Statistics:F = MSR / MSEReject...


Comparing And Contrasting The House And Senate

433 words - 2 pages Since the United States runs on a bicameral legislature, there are glaring differences between each house.The Senate is an assembly or a council of citizens having the highest deliberative and legislative functions in a government. The House is a legislative or deliberative assembly that starts the political process. However, both houses are required to work together in order for government to work properly. This article will examine the many

Paper On My Bicycle

461 words - 2 pages Australia. I sold my bicycle to a man when I had to leave. I tried to find a bicycle that'll replace the one I had, but somehow, I just don't like any of them. I just want my old bike back! And today, we landed on Taiwan. It's the first time I came back to Taiwan and the first thing I thought at that time was to look for the bike. There's this old house that bothered me. I knew the bike was in there but don't know why. It was just one of those

English Short Story, idea for a short story for university english. completed as a first assignment - English - Essay

792 words - 4 pages was a brooch with the letter E that stood for Elizabeth and they also found some old pictures of this lady when she was younger women and from when the house was fully built. Shortly after we checked out what Mitchell and Braedan had found Noah shown all of us the clothes he had on that he discovered in a suitcase under her bed. After we all shared to each other what we had found we checked to make sure everything was in place and we got ready

symbolisms for emily: William Faulkner - english 102 - litterary

1565 words - 7 pages holds to her traditions even though she is dying away. Miss Emily represents the dying Old South. She fights to keep the Old South tradition alive, but while this is happening, her house is turning into a decaying eyesore. When the townspeople say Miss Emily is a fallen monument, it is thought that Miss Emily is a monument of Southern traditions. Miss Emily represents the idea of past values and manners. When Miss Emily dies, she, as well as her

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410 words - 2 pages story subsequently focuses on the two women of the group, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale and their interpretations, understandings and realizations concerning the wife, Minnie Wright and the events and circumstances surrounding the death of her husband. From the beginning when Mrs. Hale sees the Wright house and reminisces about how "it had always been a lonesome-looking place" you get a feeling of isolation, loneliness and solitude. This view from

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634 words - 3 pages the Chicano is portrayed as lazy or evil. Stereotypes such as these have made itdifficult for Chicano to succeed in this capitalistic society. The Chicana has had anespecially difficult time, because of her status as a minority woman. The old traditionalrole in Mexican culture has also served to oppress these women. These themes areintertwined throughout Cisnero's novel.One was Cisneros brings out the theme of assimilation in The House on

Foreshadowing In "A Rose For Emily" By Willam Failkner

670 words - 3 pages to bring certainty and believability to the ending of this story.Ms. Emily was occasionally seen through windows in her home sometimes on the second floor and sometimes on the main floor. As Ms. Emily grew old she started only to be seen on the main floor of her house, not ever on the second. People who would watch the house said "...she had evidently shut up the top floor of the house..." Faulkner wanted to make the reader wonder why the second

Creative Writing entitled 'The First Incident'- The stimulus of the genre of horror - later used to inspire a GCSE drama play

360 words - 2 pages THE FIRST INCIDENTI was young when the 'first incident' occurred, five, possibly 6 years old. The family had recently moved to a new house, an 'old' new house, full of large drudgery rooms and haunting Georgian hallways. Sophisticated hallways that overwhelmed my unrefined self. The previous owners had taken less than perfect care of the house, the erstwhile wallpaper shedding its aged skin.I would say roughly a month after moving in I remember

The Title Is "Isn't It Romantic?" This Essay Compares The Short Stories "A Haunted House" By O. Henry And "The Gift Of The Magi" By Virginia Woolf. This Covers Theme, Setting, And Mood

804 words - 4 pages exception. Within both short stories love provides the basis for the common theme, which is love outweighs all else. In "A Haunted House" love goes beyond time and death. The old ghostly couple still love one another after having been dead for a while. They return to the old house, full of memories of laughter, kisses, and joy. "The Gift of the Magi", while still showing that love is greater, displays the fact that love can indeed happen "for


862 words - 4 pages ________ house when she was 8 years old. When she was alive, she would tell us stories of how the house used to be, it was one of her wishes for the house to be restored to the way that she remembered it. The house in it's original state was the way that it looks today, for the most part, but in the 1850's sometime, the builder of _______, Colonel Jonothon Semple, added another wing onto the house for his son's family. From what my grandmother

Decision to Commit Suicide

449 words - 2 pages DECISION… He is waiting at the railway station sitting on a half broken bench alone. Suddenly the cool breeze of November night sends shivers down his spins. He trembles a bit and looks around the station for the third time. No wonder it offers him the same scenario, a dilapidated old house facing the dirty, deserted platform surrounded by the darkness of night. He tries to remember the name of this station but fails. "Well, why do I need

A Visit of Charity by Eudora Welty

459 words - 2 pages , and the whole society's point of view. How can there be charity when the old ladies are isolated from the society.In the story, Marian, "a young Campfire girl", sets out a visit to the Old Lady House. She wears "a red coat and her straight yellow hair is hanging down loose from the pointed white cap all the little girls are wearing this year." This suggests us that she is not a self-conscious individual. She pays the visit for unquestioning duty

“The Tell-Tale Heart” Symbolism Analyze - ENG 1102 - Essay

859 words - 4 pages probably imagined this sound as part of being guilty, or the officers that came by his house probably had a watch in their pocket. The symbolism of the watch contributes to the overall theme of the story because he is comparing it to the heart of the old man and the fact that the character that is killing the old man has full control of the man's life. Poe chose the clock as significant symbolism in his story because it represents a deathwatch

UP essay Notes on Themes and Characterisation - 8 Churchlands - Notes

1241 words - 5 pages 1. Thesis statement (rewrite topic) 2. Introduce text-This is evidence in the feature film, Up (2009) directed by Pete Doctor+Bob Peterson 3. Text Summary-Up is an adventure that begins with an old man, CF tying thousands of balloons to his house+flies away to Paradise Falls, to achieve his+ his deceased wife, Ellie’s dream. C faces many challenges along the way making him realise that one must aim/fly to something greater than ourselves. 4

Interactions and social hierarchy in the new and old kingdoms - AP World History - Essay

484 words - 2 pages C Silverthorne In old kingdom and new kingdom Egypt, things were quite different. One example of this is in Interactions. Throughout first wave Egypt, interactions evolved and the way they were carried out from the old kingdom to the new kingdom changed. For example, in the old kingdom, they traded a lot, and were welcoming to outsiders, whereas in the middle kingdom, they began to be more wary and started to build more military, until finally