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War Of 1812 Essay

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The Story of the War of 1812 The War of 1812 is written by Colonel Red Reeder. Its main characters are mostly generals of war from both sides, Hull, Dearborn, and Baron to name a few. The war of 1812 was basically a follow up on the American revolution back in 1776.In 1776, we really didn't defeat the British, they just retreated and concentrated on the French. The conflicts started up again in the early 1800's when British "deserters" were being picked up. Some British sailors ...view middle of the document...

America had a small fleet of ships compared to the British, so a loss of even one ship brought attention to everyone.America declared war on the British in 1812, thus the name of the war. It all started in the Atlantic Ocean on ships as you have just read, but fights soon arose on land as well. America was tired of the British not really recognizing its independence. Back in 1776, the French recognized America's independence and became our ally. That is why the British retreated back then. The British took care of the French, and in 1812, tried to strike back at America. It didn't work, America even though the odds were close to none, defeated the British.I believe that the war of 1812 was destined to happen. I think that it was as important if not more important then the Revolutionary War. We finally got it in everyone's heads that America was free and was its own Nation.In today's society, many countries our being born and reshaped. In the middle-east, war has been breaking out for years over who owns what land. Countries are always eager to expand and provide a better life for its citizens. On page 168 in The War of 1812 it talks about the United States looking forward to the magic word: peace I wish we could live up to that today....

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