To What Extent Should We Embrace Nationalism - Springbank Community High School - Essay

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For each of the sources provided, decide what propaganda technique(s) are used and explain
the reason(s) for your decision.
Technique(s) Used
- Demonizing the Human
- Exaggeration
- Although there is mass death over war soldiers do not actually get nailed to trees. Also
although a liberty bond could help the war it won't directly save the life of a soldier
- The man is being nailed to a tree and basically dehumanized. The man is hopeless and
worthless and has no chance at surviving
- flag-waving
- By saying that saving metal and paper would “put the lid on Hitler” is shows that one solution
could benefit the targeted group even though the outcome is slightly exaggerated.
- Demonizing the enemy
- It shows the “hun” as a huge monster like creature who was responsible for all the
destruction and blood shed. By doing this they are trying to convince the audience that they
need liberty bonds to defeat them.
- Bandwagon
- Flag-Waving
- The image says “stand by the boys in the trenches”, which is an attempt to persuade the
targeted audience to join in.
- It is an attempt to justify an action on the grounds that doing so will make one more patriotic,
benefiting the country (United States)
- Bandwagon
- Persuade target audience to join in
- Bandwagon
- Trying to persuade people to join. It is an example of Inevitable victory, because it is inviting
those not already on the bandwagon to join those already on the road to certain victory.
- Appeal to emotion
- Demonizing the enemy
- The goal of this image is to manipulate people into involving themselves in the war or else this
“Brute” (Germany) is going to destroy America
- The artist created this image to make germany look like this big scary deranged ape holding a
bloody club.
- Bandwagon
→ Join the crowd
→ Appeal to emotion (guilt)
- Is saying that everyone else is helping so why can’t you. It is also guilting the view as it shows
that the task will not be accomplished unless they step in to help.
- Appeal to emotion (guilt)
- It appeals to the readers guilt, because the soldiers are fighting for them and they are doing

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