What Will The World Be Like In 100 Yeasr Writing Class Essay

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Autumn Forti Forti 1
Mrs. Everitt
Freshman Comp
25 March 2019
The world 100 years from know
Life in 100 years like me and many others in this earth have many thoughts and
wonders in our mind on what will be the life of human beings after 100 years. The main question
is, is human activities going be to replace by machines and humans being lazy doing his/her work and
expecting everything to be automatic or can be an imaginary life of machines take over every activities
of humans. After 100 years we can expect lot of changes in our life. We can see lot of changes in the way
we live. 
We will still have different currencies and will be equally hungry to garner money. However, we
will no longer have different cards and accounts and each person will have one account through which
they will transact. Electronic money will replace paper money and online transfer will be the dominating
form of exchange. The lifestyles of the poor will improve with education and healthcare seeping into the
rural areas. Work culture will be hugely changed as employees will now work from home rather than
from any physical office.
Emotionally we will be still a confused species, who fear...


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