Arguing A Position What It's Like To Be A Man By Phil Christman English 112 Writing And Research Research Paper

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What Is It Like to Be a Man?
By: Phil Christman
English: 112-806
2 Vega Cordero
What defines a man in the 21st century? How they are handling new expectations? Is it possible to bring up a healthy generation without a father figure?
What it’s like to be a man: The Male role in Modern day society
A few decades ago, men were providers and protectors; today, a lot of discussions are centered around gender equality, and nowadays women around the world are fighting fiercely to make sure their rights are respected. It may seem that the traditional notion of being a male is dying out as women today have equal career opportunities, are able to provide for a family, and their interests are not limited to creating a cozy home for their husbands. Even more, the number of stay-at-home dads has significantly increased as women are pursuing their careers and even military field is available for them these days. [footnoteRef:1] [1: Why Do Women Expect Men to Do Everything? - By Dan Bacon (Jan. 21st, 2017)]
A man’s role in the Family.
Up until this century, men’s and women’s roles were well-defined: woman was expected to be a mother and a wife, taking care of husband’s well-being and raising children and man had to provide for his family. Today, the line between male’s and female’s roles is becoming more blurred as women tend to be as ambitious in business word as men.
The role of a man in a family included being a protector, leader and a teacher,
But even this can be handled by women today. So, who is a man today? A hunter and protector or the nurturer, who takes a maternity leave and lives with a bread-winning wife?
Our modern society gives men a chance to be much more connected with their families and women are, finally, getting an opportunity to develop identities that are not defined solely by motherhood. Still, a lot of women prefer a man to play the role of a leader. [footnoteRef:2] [2: The Man’s Role in Society and Family: The Crucial Change of the 21st Century- By Alicia Olson (March 22, 2017)]
The importance of a father figure in child’s and family’s life in priceless. Parenting involves two people raising children together, but, nowadays, children in developed countries tend to be growing...


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