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America has been under the toil and burden of Great Britain for 170 years. They have been exploited and taken advantage of their rights as humans and as a nation. The British has disencumbered the colonists from profits, benefits and growth as a country. British imposed several lawson the colonists. The Proclamation of 1763 impeded their migration, The Stamp Act of 1765 raised taxes on their necessities, The Tea Act of 1773 cut them from trades and ceased them from acquiring profits. The Intolerable Acts of 1774 sent soldiers into the homes of the colonists. These laws angered the colonists and led to the American Revolution.
During the mid 18th century the British places a treatment of Salutary Neglect over the colonies which allowed them to get a sense of independency governing themselves, with no harsh or unfair laws and the ability to get rich off trading with the French or Spain since the British was neglecting their duties as a Colonizer.
After the French and Indian War which was caused by Britain wanting to control expansion into the western territories they acquired war debts of 130,000,000 dollars from fighting the war and using equipment to aid them. This made the British stop the treatment of Salutary Neglect and ensure that the colonies were following their strict laws so that they could attain money to pay them back for defending and protecting them.
In wanting to acquire more money Great Britain imposed The Stamp Act passed on March 22, 1765 which forced taxes on the American colonies raising the prices on every piece of printed paper they would use daily; legal documents, newspapers, licenses, diplomas, pleas...


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