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Why Girls Are Better Than Guys

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Jessica Roling Per. 1 I believe that women are the superior sex. While in the past it was thought that men were superior, people are starting to realize that women have so very much more to offer society. There are many reasons why men are simply inferior to women. Below is a list of different reasons why women rule: Ø We get the larger apartment on Friends.Ø We are not required to learn how to spit when we are young Ø If we are on a huge ship that just happens to hit an ...view middle of the document...

Ø Also, we don't suffer the symptoms of "boy disease", which include acting 5 years younger than your actual age, failure to phone when you say you will, and thinking solely with the contents of your underpants.While this list clearly proves the woman's superiority over man, it seems that many men will still try to argue their cases. One such ridiculous claim is that boys are better than girls are because they don't have to wear make-up. Trust me, boys, some of you need it to look half as good as us! Another boy hang-up is that most jobs pay them more. That's only so they can pay their high insurance rates and all of their speeding tickets (also so they can afford to take us out). Some men also boast that they are the stronger sex. They can take that one up with Ding Meiyuan.So you see, there is no possibility that man is better than woman. I'd like to see a man even try to come up with indisputable evidence of their belief that they are better than we are. I don't think it will ever happen. And remember, guys, while you may claim to be better because God made you first, just keep this in mind, "Every great artist makes a first draft before creating his final masterpiece."

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