Assignment On Why Is San Manuel A Martir?

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Coma, Mártir Muchas veces una coma es una cosa muy pequeña que no importa mucha. Pero, en la nivola San Manuel Bueno, Mártir, por Miguel de Unamuno, es una cosa muy importante. Después de la coma es mártir. Esta coma significa que hay más de una cura en Valverde de Lucerna; es una cura que da su vida a los ciudadanos. San Manuel vive y sufre para su pueblo, y por eso, el es un mártir en sus acciones y en sus palabras.San Manuel dice muchas cosas que inspira a sus amigos y otros miembres del pueblo. Ángela Carballino, la narradora de la nivola, dice que "su maravilla era la voz, una voz divina…estremecíase la iglesi ...view middle of the document...

Todo el tiempo el está ayundando a otras personas. Él odia la ociosidad, y por eso, usa su tiempo a ayudar el pueblo. Por ejemplo, en la página 37, "trabajaba también manualmente, ayundando con sus brazos a ciertas labores del pueblo. En la temporada de trilla íbase a la era a trillar y aventar, y en tanto, les aleccionaba o les distraía. Sustituía a las veces a algún enfermo en su tarea." San Manuel hace cosas que nadie creía a hacer. Él hace cosas como estas porque le inspiran al pueblo a creer en lo que él predica. Él es muy generoso y cariñoso en sus acciones. Un buen ejemplo es cuando él entcontró a un niño, muertito de frío, quién tuvo que encontrar una res para su padre. San Manuel tomó la carga. (37) Cuando una banda de pobres titiriteros llegaron al pueblo y la mujer del jefe estuvo embarazada y muy enferma, San Manuel le ayudó a morir una muerte cristiana. (39) Su mejor contribución a su pueblo fue cuando dicidi&oacute...


Why Is Confidentiality An Important Issue? Why Is It Also A Difficult Issue?

931 words - 4 pages Confidentiality is an important issue because without it, professionals would find it difficult to build relationships with their clients. Trust in a carer/client relationship is important, as a client would not want to share personal information with someone if they felt it was not confidential and Fulford (2001) agrees that confidentiality is a function of relationships. This could be why new employees in the caring profession find it

This is a persuasive research paper on why water pollution is bad - English 100 - Research paper

1780 words - 8 pages Free , overhydration, or water toxemia is a potentially fatal disturbance in brain functions that results when the normal balance of electrolytes in the body is pushed outside safe limits by excessive water intake (Winthrope). Industrial pollution is one of the main ways that our rivers are being polluted. There are a few reasons why industries are a leader in water pollution. Like the lack of strict pollution control policies. In many countries of the world

why atticus is a good role model - english - to kill a mockingbird

934 words - 4 pages shoot and he doesn’t intend too, but Jem and Scout are soon shocked when Miss. Maudie informs them that their father used to be the “deadest shot in Maycomb County.” Scout is confused about why he didn’t tell them himself but Jem soon works out that Atticus would have told them if he wanted too. Atticus treats everyone as an equal and he shows this by defending Tom Robinson (a black man) in court. Scout asks why he’s defending him if he shouldn’t be

How and Why Is A Particular Social Group Presented in a Certain Way? - ENGL 102 - Essay

923 words - 4 pages How and Why Is A Particular Social Group Presented in a Certain Way? In the article, “Meet The Millennial 1%, Young, Rich, and Redefining Luxury”, Forbes Columnist Larissa Faw takes a look at a group of young people she refers to as the Millennials. A millennial is anyone aged 18-30. Faw takes a look at the affluent members in the millennial category and compares them to their not as wealthy counterparts. Through use of statistics, and language

Why a good work ethic is needed and how to obtain one - UCLA English 140 - essay

1314 words - 6 pages not just temporary. The second trait should be honesty. Honesty is the quality of being free from untruthfulness or lies to him/her-self. Being honest is a good trait for a strong work ethic because it will keep you from slacking off or making excuses on why you do not want to do something efficiently. The third trait to a good work ethic should be determination, which is the strength of character or the process of establishing something exactly

Why chololate is a special food in my life - English Writing - Essay

792 words - 4 pages . For many people, like Burciaga and me, the history of a favorite food takes source from childhood. When I think about the most delicious and memorable food, I always remember amazing chocolate cakes with juicy cherries that my grandmother used to bake for me when I was a child. There is no child that does not like chocolate cakes, I guess, my grandma knew this so well, that is why she was glad to spend a full day in the kitchen baking cakes to


835 words - 4 pages . Everyone with anxiety has had at least one disappointing conversation in which the other person shows a who-cares-looking-face or just telling them to ‘stop worrying about it’ when in reality it’s not that easy. Why? Because according to someone, having anxiety is like constantly being pushed underwater by wave after wave. Coming up for air only gives you relief for a minute, but just as you find relief, you’re pushed under again. Sometimes, the

Why the Iran nuclear deal is a good thing - Sierra College - Argumentative

3444 words - 14 pages making this one of their key points because they believe that the US is putting Iran’s interests ahead of its allies interests in the region. However, Arab countries are not just worried about oil production boosting for Iran, but they are also anticipating a regional shift in power. In an article by Al Jazeera titled “Why Saudi Arabia and Israel oppose Iran nuclear deal” they state that “It is clear that a western recognition of Iranian regional

This essay explains why Joe is a better parent for Pip than Pips sister Mrs. Joe in the book "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens

461 words - 2 pages more parent-like. "Drat that boy," interposed my sister, frowning at me over her work,"what a questioner he is " (pg 679). Mrs. Joe is getting really upset just because Pip is asking questions. All normal little children are curious and ask questions but Mrs. Joe gets furious at this normal behavior. Joe would not get mad , he would answer them gladly. That is why Joe is a better parent.Mrs. Joe tries to control Pip and parent him but Joe is the primary parent Pip needs because he is kind and loves Pip unconditionally. Joe encourages him and gives him hope when Mrs. Joe blows up in his face if it weren't for Joe Pip would turn into an evil old convict.

why work is stressful for a college student - qcc English 101 - essay

897 words - 4 pages Andrew Soares John Yi English 101 B13DY 05 September 2018                                                                           Work Is Stressful I have come to a conclusion that work is very stressful. Working the third shift at Walmart can be very overwhelming. For example, it was December 15, 2017, my last night working before my flight to New York the following afternoon. It was around 10:12 PM on December 15, 2017, I was twelve minutes

The Monastery on a Jasna Góra - description of a well-known landmark in my country (Poland) and explanation why it is famous

498 words - 2 pages The city, which is a spiritual capital of Poland, is a destination for religious pilgrimages from many countries all over the world, mainly because of the majestic and outstanding central place, dominating over whole area, called: the Monastery on a Jasna Góra.The place makes an enduring impression on all who visit it, since it is both mystical and delightful. One can not help but be impressed by architecture and a workmanship of the

"How the Planets Came to Be". This essay is a personally interpereted version of how the planets were created, and why they sit where they do now

429 words - 2 pages Some say God gave the Sun the power to create all matter in the Universe. When the Sun created all matter it was everything but unique. Some of his creations included very small stars but nothing spectacular.One day while creating matter he met a woman named Moon. It was love at first sight. He fell deeply in love with her. Sun was his happiest when his was with Moon. Together they created many more beautiful stars and expanded the universe

The Fifth Amendment is an old friend and a good friend. Do you agree or disagree with that assessment of the Fifth Amendment? Why?

471 words - 2 pages I do agree with the above statement because of what the Amendment stands for and protects. I personally am a believer in the old adage that's its better to let one thousand guilty go free than to convict an innocent man and the Fifth amendment lines up with my beliefs. This is an amendment that's about protecting the common man from a potentially cold government and tyrannical government. It guarantees a certain level of civility from the court

"Television Is The Main Reason Why Children Nowadays Spend Less Time On Their Studies". Write A Short Essay Giving Your Opinion

382 words - 2 pages The modern age has imported new kinds of entertainment, including television. Along with certain benefits, television has created a controversy that it is the main factor leading to children spending less time on studies among people. However, it is inevitable that other sorts of amusement such as going out, playing games...are resposible for the distraction as well. My essay now will analyze the issue from a neutral view.To begin with

Intercultural Communications

1440 words - 6 pages good idea to try and develop the rules as a group rather than have them imposed.3. Ask Questions: When you don't understand something or want to know why someone has behaved in a certain way, simply ask. Asking questions stops you making assumptions, shows the questioned you did not understand them and helps build up your bank of intercultural knowledge.4. Respect: The foundation of all intercultural communication is respect. By demonstrating