Iris Module Assessment Questions Addressing Dsiruptive Behavior Utsa Spe 5403 Assignment

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SPE 5403
IRIS Center: Module 1: Addressing Behaviors
1. List three reasons why some students continue to cause problems even when there is a good classroom management plan in place?
· A student can be experiencing temporary stressors in his/her life.
· A student can be at-risk for example living at low income/poverty or could be an English language learner (ELL)
· A student can have disabilities such as learning disabilities or behavior disorders
2. Discuss at least one benefit and one challenge of intervening early in the acting-out cycle to prevent problem behaviors from escalating.
It is beneficial to intervene early in the acting-out cycle because the teacher’s intervention will have a greater chance of calming the student down. This could prevent the student’s behavior from becoming more aggressive verbally and/or physically. The goal is to prevent more serious forms of acting out to occur, but this can be challenging for teachers because the teacher may not notice the warning signs to be able to intervene early enough.
3. Although not discussed explicitly in the Module, can you think of three methods by which Ms. Rollison could determine his triggers?
Since Patrick isn’t disruptive and aggressive every day, Ms. Rollison could start by contacting his parents to discuss his behavior to determine if there are home issues that are affecting Patrick’s behavior at school. Patrick’s parents could be unaware of that he is acting out at school or that issues at home are affecting him. Another way Ms. Rollison could try to determine Patrick’s triggers is monitor signs of agitation when learning new material or working on an assignment. He may not understand the assignment which could lead to Patrick’s frustration and agitation. A teacher shouldn’t assume a student understands the class work even if they don’t ask for help. Also, if there is a change in the class schedule such as a field trip or assembly, Ms. Rollison can prepare Patrick ahead of time by communicating with the class about the change in schedule and class expectations outside the classroom. Overall, I feel that communication and observation can be the key to help teachers determine what triggers students acting out.
4. Ms. Rollison is also having trouble with Tameka, who refuses to do any written work. In this case, Ms. Rollison does have enough information to figure out what Tameka’s trigger is. What is it?
Tameka seems to be struggling with writing. Ms. Rollison can sit with Tameka to help her get started by brainstorming ideas and using a graphic organizer that is appropriate for the assignment...

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