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Growing up in an alcoholic family is certainly traumatic. In these homes, children experience a daily environment of inconsistency, chaos, fear, abandonment, denial, and real or potential violence. Survival becomes a full-time job. While most of us know that alcoholism is a disease, too few recognize it as a family disease, which may emotionally, spiritually and often physically, affect, not only the alcoholic but each member of the family. Little emotional energy remains to consistently fulfill the many needs of children who become victims of the family illness. For many years, professional psychologists were barely aware of the vast pool of suffering of the family of alcoholics. T ...view middle of the document...

Then they try the use of guilt control - ( If you really love me you'll stop), or (You care more about that bottle than you care about me). They don't realize that you cannot control or reason with a disease. Some try to cure the disease by being the perfect child; by keeping perfect grades, always being good, being responsible and trying to cure the illness, while keeping the path smooth for the drinker. To an outsider looking in, they are the perfect child. And the truth of the matter is, they are. People just don't see the whole picture. Other children may chose to be the scapegoat, the one in trouble all the time. They are the family's way of not looking at what's really happening. Then there are those who become the class clown, making everyone laugh and all the while knowing, that life is not really that funny. And then there is that little child off in the corner; the withdrawn child who never gives anyone any trouble and feels like he/she is invisible. All of these children look like a child, dress like a child, to some degree they behave like a child, but they sure as hell don't feel like a child. Children of alcoholics grow up and become adults. But underneath the mask of adult behaviour there is a child who was neglected. This needy child is insatiable. What that means is that when the child becomes an adult, there is a hole in his/her soul. They can never get enough as an adult. An adult child can't get enough because it's really a child's needs that are in question. Growing up not having your needs met as a child creates many scars; co-dependency being one of the most serious. Much has been written about co-dependency. All agree that it is about the loss of selfhood. Co-dependency is a condition wherein one has no inner life. Happiness is on the outside. Good feelings and self-validation lie on the outside. Pia Mellody's definition of co-dependency is "a state of dis-ease whereby the authentic self is unknown or kept hidden, so that a sense of self...of mattering...of esteem and connectedness to others is distorted, creating pain and distorted relationships." (Bradshaw, 1998, p.14). Children of alcoholics, learn to be care takers or rescuers early in life. They've developed a mechanism that helped in coping with fear, pain, insecurity and growing up in an abusive alcoholic family. Usually this is how the child copes with not being able to get their own needs met. But later in life, as an adult, those well learned habits imprison them in frustrating, painful, co-dependent relationships, at home and at work."Adult children of alcoholics guess at what normal behaviour is; have difficulty following a project through from beginning to end; lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth; judge themselves without mercy; have difficulty having fun; take themselves very seriously; have difficulty with intimate relationships; overreact to changes over which they have no control; constantly seek approval and affirmation. They are a...


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414 words - 2 pages first point is that alcohol consumption can cause major health problems, including liver disease and injuries sustained in automobile accidents. In fact, researchers have linked alcohol consumption to over 60 diseases and illnesses. This proves that alcoholism can present many dangers to students. II. Second reason (examples, presentation aids to be used) Also, “drink like a fish”, drunkenness can affect the students’ performance on campus. For

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2017 words - 9 pages . Mitchell, “Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence syndrome, is a disease characterized by cravings, loss of control, physical dependence, and a need for more and more alcohol.” This illness affects incessant people and needs a way to prevent it. Since alcoholism is a major illness in today's society, it needs to be presented to help people live a healthier life. Alcoholism can increase your chances of health problems and is known to cause heart

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1804 words - 8 pages Prohibition Essay 3 Causes: One of the most significant and an underlying causes of the introduction of Prohibition was the desire to eliminate the social problems caused by alcohol. Prior to the volstead act, there was a lot of concerns regarding the negative social impacts that alcohol had in american society. The short term cause of the passage of the 18th ammendment was the impact of world war one and the transformation of moral arugements

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736 words - 3 pages and Nelson. (june,2010) alcohol consumption commonly starts during life transition or adolescence according to Wenchsler and Nelson (june,2009). At this stage some young teenager below the current legal drinking age which is 18 years already start consuming alcohol illegally in any occasion for example birthday parties or an event. Alcohol use is related to health problems and social consequences also that includes physical and sexual assault

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813 words - 4 pages underage, it would just be logical to alter the law and lower the age limit on drinking. Lowering the age of alcohol consumption won’t take all the problems away that come with alcohol. There will still be drinking under the influence and alcohol problems of many kinds. The consumption of alcohol always requires responsibility and care when handling such things. In my opinion, these positives out way the negatives of lowering the legal drinking age

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1970 words - 8 pages problems caused by alcoholism do not affect everyone equally and there are many people who are able to hide their addictions. There is an immense monetary cost to society simply dealing with the adverse effects of alcoholism. Chronic effects of alcoholism from depression to liver disease as well as acute effects from traffic accidents to alcohol poisoning, all result in excess expenditure on treatment. Treatment consists of pharmaceuticals

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1652 words - 7 pages problems and the appropriateness of the treatment (Drug Abuse, 2017). There isn’t very much available to help with abuse of drugs and alcohol, but mostly addiction, so young people don’t really have much help in our local area, other than websites online, such as headspace, kids help and national drug and alcohol helpline. Headspace and Kids helpline are for more general help, whereas national drug and alcohol is more targeted toward the actual

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483 words - 2 pages Mary Sweet LP 13 Overview of Mental Disorders May 3, 2018 Alcohol is the most commonly used substance during adolescence, with a third of high school seniors having ever tried alcohol and almost a fifth of al twelfth graders having had 5 or more drinks on one occasion during the past two weeks. (Johnston, O’Malley, Miech, Bachman, & Schulenberg, 2015) A potential risk factor for alcohol problems in childhood ADHD. ADHS is a developmental

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730 words - 3 pages nearly cut in half as well. (CDC)Having the minimum drinking age set so high produces some of the same effects that occurred during Prohibition. The government made the law to help curb some of the problems associated with drinking alcohol. In doing this, however, they got the opposite effect that they wanted. People responded to Prohibition by setting up secret bars and making their own alcohol. During this period, the problem the government

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1491 words - 6 pages problems on the individual, the alcohol abusers continuously demonstrate that they carelessly harm body health, neglect the responsibility on loved ones and on work, also behave irrationally which could negatively impact on self lifestyles and even the surroundings. First of all, I have a bias on the person who has alcohol abuse due to that they usually neglect the body health and indulge in the transient relief of alcohol. Alcohol abuse has a

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1016 words - 5 pages so fixed on money, sex, drugs and alcohol; they are not trying to be well. We are only now realizing the effects of drugs and alcohol, and trying to find out what to do. The only bad thing is that there is no one thing that will fix everyone's problems. This is bad because not only do people have to shake off their bad habits but also they must find a way to fit back into society and get back to their dreams. When we have to swallow our dreams

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882 words - 4 pages responsibly, whereas in America, children grow up being told that alcohol is deadly and very harmful. So what happens? Kids are drilled for years about the harmful effects of alcohol, yet often see adults drink. The result is that when these children grow into teenagers, their curiosity heightens, and they raise their glasses without knowing quite what they are doing. These teens do not know their tolerance levels, or which drinks mix and which do not

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1158 words - 5 pages Darius Green 2-11-18 HIST 1101 The Rise and Fall of Alcoholism in the 19th Century Alcoholism is defined as, “an addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency”. The necessity to control alcohol use, or push towards temperance, has been a priority for American culture since it became a major widespread issue around 1790. The movement towards American temperance

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914 words - 4 pages sever Al’s case is and how he just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into the hole. As it states in the story “he was begging to feel he was losing control over everything” (Carver 14). It started when he lost control of his job then continues when he can no long functions without alcohol then intentionally driving away his family and making everyone around him kind of miserable. Betty, Al’s wife, demonstrates this when she begins to yell at

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2908 words - 12 pages healthy development of children and mediate the effects of behavioral, emotional, and cognitive problems, whatever their etiology.CONCLUSION:Most children who were pre-natally exposed to drugs and alcohol may have significant short-term effects. However, proper care from both the parents and the teachers can help reduce the impairments and disabilities brought about by the exposure. Studies and research are still being conducted to increase the