American Paradox: Slavery And Freedom Santa Ana College Essay

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20 OCTOBER 2018
Teratogens are the environmental substances than can harm prenatal development. (Chapter 4, page 119)
This term related to my story when I have my cousin who got teratogen. My cousin lived in Missouri, and she moved to USA when she was eighteen years old. Her mom had two jobs, so she didn’t have time to take care my cousin. My cousin had a relationship with a guy who was ten years older than her, and he was a customer at the restaurant where she worked. Unfortunately, she was pregnant, but she didn’t know that he got married already. When she told him that she was pregnant, he was upset and tried to talk her into getting an abortion. She was very disappointed with him, and she refused to do that. He left her after that. She tried to call him, but he didn’t answer the phone. She dared to tell with her mom, and her best friend told her to take an abortifacient. Finally, she decided to do that with a help from her best friend. Her best friend took a short trip to Vietnam and bought a medicine for her. After she took it, she got an abdominal pain. Her best friend took her go to the hospital, and the doctor said if she didn’t come on time, she and the baby would die together. The doctor let her stay there one day and after that she could be discharged from hospital. When she got home, she decided to tell her mom everything. Her mom was shocked, and she blamed herself. Her mom decided to quit one job and spend time to take care her until she got a baby. Finally, the baby came out, but he got an effect from the medicine she took before. He couldn’t develop normal like the other babies. Now, he turns eight years old, but he couldn’t speak, and his head is so big. Even, he couldn’t do anything by himself. Her mom had to take him go to the doctor every month to check up. When he wakes up in the morning, he always screams. My cousin felt regret for taking that medicine without founding its origin. I came there to see her last year, and I was crying when I saw the boy. After studying this chapter, I understand how the baby got an effect.
Ambivalent attachment is the attachment style for infants who are unwilling to explore an unfamiliar environment but seem to have mixed feelings about the caregiver- they cry when the caregiver leaves the room, but they cannot be consoled by the caregiver upon the caregiver’s return. (Chapter 4, page 128).
My first experience with ambivalent attachment is when I helped my sister to watch her baby when I came back to Vietnam. My sister has a one-year-old girl, she was born when I was in USA, so I never met her before. I came back to visit my sister last summer. I was excited to see my little girl, and I spent my time to play with her. After two days, she didn’t feel strange or cry when she saw me as the first time I met her at the airport. One day, my sister asked me to watch her a little bit because she needed to go supermarket to buy the milk, and I s...


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