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Application of Ethical Leadership, Task #3
Cameron Stephens
Western Governors University
Ethical Leadership
Susan Skinner
November 23, 2018
Table of Contents
Corporate Code of Ethics Analysis 3
A1. Corporate Social Responsibility 3
A2. Legal Mandates 4
A2a. Implications of Non-Compliance 4
A2b. Legal/Ethical Safeguards 5
A3. Facilitation of Ethical Culture 6
A4. Ethical Concerns 7
B. Whistleblower Police Development 7
B1. Factors to Consider Before Blowing the Whistle 7
B2. The Process of Blowing the Whistle 9
C. Advantages and Disadvantages of Paying Whistleblowers 9
D. Impact of US Sentencing Guidelines on the Organization 10
D1. United States Sentencing Guidelines Culpability Factors 11
E. References 12
A. Corporate Code of Ethics Analysis
A1. Corporate Social Responsibility
For this purpose of this analysis, we will be discussing the established code of ethics, referred to as the “Code of Conduct”, of IntegraMed Fertility. The first part of the analysis will cover IntegraMed Fertility’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. IntegraMed Fertility’s code of conduct does not address any of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives nor strategies. The code of conduct is severely lacking in corporate social responsibility matters as it is completely non-existent. However, a list of IntegraMed Fertility’s philanthropic partners can be found on its company website. Their website states that IntegraMed Fertility “plays a leadership role and collaborates with the nation’s largest advocacy organizations to improve awareness of the issues surrounding infertility; provide much-needed education and support to fertility patients and their family/friends; fight anti-fertility treatment legislation; and support fertility legislation, such as The Family Act, that would make the cost of treatment more accessible millions of hopeful parents” (Philanthropic Partners, 2018). A list of their philanthropic partners includes the American Fertility Association, Resolve – the national fertility association, Path2Parenthood, Men Having Babies, the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society, and Fertility Matters Canada. This year IntegraMed Fertility was a sponsor of the initiative to provide military personnel, both active duty and veterans, valuable information about fertility preservation as well as the benefits and resources available to them. In previous years IntegraMed Fertility has underwritten the production of over two dozen videos featuring physicians and other fertility specialists within the Attain Fertility Network ® as well as Toolkits that provided support materials for audience segments, including gay family building and those dealing with secondary infertility. The recommendation after this analysis would be that IntegraMed Fertility outline its principles regarding philanthropic endeavors in its code of conduct, updating it with each year’s new philanthropic goals and initiatives. While it is mentioned on the company websi...


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