Phase Autobiography About Living In Haiti After College And How It Changes Your Life. - Soph. Comp - Essay

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Blayne Gacke
Mrs. Tyler
Sophomore English
October 3, 2018
Life Isn’t Fair
About nine years ago, my great uncle's family, on my mom’s side, started traveling to
Haiti. They went there on a one-week mission trip, but they fell in love with the country while
they were there. They then decided to start going back every summer. When they went back the
next summer, they met a man named Webert. He was running a school built out of wooden
palettes. Instantly, the Grooters’ knew that Webert needed some help and that the children at
the school needed help too. With that project, my uncle’s family had to go back to Haiti to help
the children. They then started a non-profit organization called Touch of Hope. Because of all
the projects that needed to be done and the love she had for the country, Kayla, my mom’s
cousin, decided to move to Haiti. She also chose to move to Haiti because she fell in love with
someone in Haiti.
In May of 2012, three years after she went there for the first time, Kayla bought a one
way ticket to Haiti and planned to move down there. While in Haiti the first time, Kayla fell in love
with a child from a poorly run orphanage. When she decided to move to Haiti, she had plans to
gain legal guardianship for this boy named Jeffte. He was five years old when Kayla took him
into her home. One week into her stay in Haiti, she received a phone call that an orphanage up
in the mountains had just been shut down, and they needed a home for at least 30 kids. She
then decided to go and help the kids find homes. One of the kids that were in the orphanage
had a heart murmur, so Kayla took him to her house and decided to help him. The boy's name
was Loveson, and Kayla fell in love with him. Instantly, she knew she wanted to gain legal
guardianship of him just like Jeffte. In July of 2013, Kayla found a little girl named Wishla, she
was 14-months-old and weighed 8 pounds. She showed signs of severe malnourishment and
symptoms of worms. She also was HIV positive and had survived tuberculosis. Kayla felt the
need to bring her into her family because Wishla’s mom neglected her.
In 2010, while on their yearly trip, the Grooter’s met Webert Raymond. He and Kayla
started to date when she moved to Haiti permanently in 2012. On July 1, 2013, Webert
proposed to Kayla at the preschool graduation. The night before he had told her that she was
going to be the godmother for the event. When Webert called her to the stage the next day, she
was prepared to give a speech. Inste...

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