Clothes Can Tell A Lot About Person Rutgers Example Essay

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In today’s world, clothes are becoming people’s number one priority.  If there is something wrong with their clothes, they will throw them out or donate them. Adults judge others in their workplaces from the clothes they are wearing. They can know on what level they are working. From clothes, adults can come to know what type of job a person is doing, what is his/ her status in society and their religious beliefs.
To begin with, people wear different types of clothes that anyone can judge from their job. If a person is wearing branded clothes, then he/she is working with a big company or might be the CEO of the company. For example, if a person is wearing some safety outfit then that person is working in some kind of dangerous place. Teachers/professors have some kind of different looks in them like they dress more sophisticated, not much jazzy and anyone can come to know about their job. It is important to dress in a proper way and it should reflect one's personality and their job.
Furthermore, if a person can judge from their clothes, then they can come to know the status too. Nowadays people wear so many different types of clothe that anyone can judge them to knowing that clothes brand and also, they can judge our status from that brands. For example, celebrities and rich people we...


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1049 words - 5 pages for these individuals to be accepted in society is great enough that they can lead to cases of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and addiction. A clear example of this being the rising levels of nicotine addiction in correlation to the rising trend of e-Cigarette usage among teenagers. In fact, the number of high schoolers who reported using electronic cigarettes usage in 2017 has risen from 11.7% to over 25% in 2018 (Winickoff, 2018 P.3

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629 words - 3 pages have bestowed upon me growing up will still remain in me as my journey down the real world. I did grow up in a conservative household and I use to hate it but my senior year of high school I grown to really appreciate how I was brought up. Now that I’m in the position to do what I want when I want while in college, I sense that just because I can do certain things now doesn’t make it right particularly if it is not by living by God. I want to set an example or become a role model especially being a minority in society.

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778 words - 4 pages of this principle was showcased in the The secret life of Walter Mitty. This film is about a man named Walter Mitty who daydreams that he is a heroic person, while in reality, Walter fails to maintain his self-esteem or his heroic self. However, throughout the story, Walter evolves from a daydreamer to an actual heroic adventurer when he embarks on a quest to find a missing photo negative 25. This story represents the conflict Man vs

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965 words - 4 pages Failure Directors note: Character pale, about 5 foot 5, wearing long-sleeve blue t-shirt, cheap tie, black belt and dirty black shoes, black glasses, receding hairline, with grey streaks and tired red small eyes. [In the CS, there is a tool booth and inside is it is the protagonist. A bright light shone on him. He’s standing, while leaning on a chair, gripping the chair tightly, which is inside a small confined tool booth.] [Staring into his

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1858 words - 8 pages of interest in everything that is not their substance of choice. Often, our perception of substance abusers is, for example, a homeless person: someone that has given up their entire life, their house, and their job for addiction. Sometimes we think of that one celebrity that we saw on the news, the one that was admitted into rehab. The one with the mugshot that makes their skin look scaly, their eyes look bloodshot, and their hair looks like they