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Running head: JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW #4 1Journal Article Review #4:Using Assistive Technology to Foster Speech and Language Skills at Home and in PreschoolFoundations of Exceptionality (EDUC 521)Dr. Thomasina Goodgame, InstructorByJanet RobertsonLiberty UniversityMay 1, 2011Using Assistive Technology to Foster Speech and Language Skillsat Home and in PreschoolCommunication disorders affect a certain percentage of special needs children; special services and accommodations are required to assist these students, as well as the parents in a collaborative effort. In the article, Using Assistive Technology to Foster Speech and Language Skills at Home and in Preschool, the authors, Skau and Cascella, discuss ways to use assistive technology, and the types of assistive technology, to enha ...view middle of the document...

Parent's need only learn 20 to 30 signs that pertain to the needs and likes of the child to make it effective in communicating; signs can be adjusted to the motor skill of the child. Picture and song boards are a simple cheap way to use assistive technology to enhance communication abilities also, "Some children especially benefit from seeing a representation of the words while hearing them." and at the same time practicing the words or songs shown on the board (2006). Aided Language Stimulation works in conjunction with the song and picture boards; allowing the teacher to point out specific words to assist in supplementing speech and language skills for communication. With the vocal output device, "The child only needs to touch a button or press a switch and the device will speak his or her message." working much in the same way as song and picture boards do to aid in the communication process (2006). With the ALS words or stories can be duplicated and recorded allowing the student to partake in lessons by touching a button (2006).In conclusion, assistive technology can correspond with a child's need to help with communication when language and speech disorders are present. The assistive technology discussed works in school and in the home setting allowing communication for everyone involved in the child's day to day life and activities; they aid in assisting with and improving communication disorders.ReferencesSkau, L., & Cascella, P. W. (2006). Using assistive technology to foster speech and language skills at home and in preschool. Teaching Exceptional Children, 38(6), 12-17. Retrieved from EBSCOhost,


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529 words - 3 pages Six Sigma is defined as a statistical term that refers to 3.4 defects only per million processes undertaken by, or products made by, a company. This focus on product quality leads to lowered costs of operation for the company. Lower costs ultimately lead to higher profit margins. Six Sigma is the benchmark-Four Sigma is average.A successful Six Sigma program must start with the CEO of a corporation. The CEO must express their personal vision

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839 words - 4 pages /1034912x.2016.1153050 The main purpose of this journal was to study report intervention used to assist students with mental illnesses. The journal is a research article. It consists of an abstract, introduction, background information, definition/keywords, and of course the findings of the study. The author uses a mapping research method that allows them to review other research material of the topic that they are studying. The author discovers

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515 words - 3 pages , vendors and customers of the clients. And this can be implemented by commencing a framework created by the organization experts who define the organizational culture and the appropriate policies to be followed in order to meet the business needs. Matching the business approach and structure of the firm is possible by four factors of IT governance, Risk Management, Resource Management, Performance Management and Strategic alignment. And this article

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1804 words - 8 pages than the specific words Cultural Research Article Review. Do not use the title of your article as the title of the paper. · Review the APA manual page 198-199 to formulate the proper citation for your article based on whether a digital object identifier (doi) is available or not. Dr. Paper and other software for APA formatting are not recommended. Do not use the APA feature in Word as it does not allow faculty to insert comments and tracked

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1487 words - 6 pages and Meal time in Acute Care Patients with Diabetes Mellitus”, (Trotter, Conaway, & Burns, 2013), explores methods of glucose level management and insulin administration on adult acute care and critical care units. The authors of this article conducted a comprehensive literature review and following that a study to determine if the current standard glycemic management approach of using sliding scale insulin (SSI) is effective in improving target

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789 words - 4 pages place in chromosomes. It must do this without disturbing any of the surrounding genes.5. Finally, the gene is controlled.(Cures 1.) It was at the National Institute of Health that three doctors treated a four-year-old child for adenosine deaminase deficiency (ADA). Dr William French Anderson, Dr Michael Blaese, and Dr Ken Culver made medical history in 1990 by successfully treating her with gene therapy. This exciting discovery eventually

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1735 words - 7 pages 8 Running head: SHORT TITLE IN CAPS Psychedelic compounds as means for psychoactive therapy Subtitle that Captures Your Primary Thesis or Argument Ikaika Loque 7/5/19 Sierra College Title of Speech I. Introduction A. ATTENTION-GETTER: Currently one in four adults experience mental illness every year. Mental Illnesses like PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Schizophrenia among a long list of others. What if there was a way to help these people if a 4

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735 words - 3 pages English Language Learners Summary Learning how to communicate and instruct non-English students in a regular classroom is a challenging task. Nearly three in four classrooms include at least one English Language Learner, teachers who lack the experience with English Language Learners (ELL) might feel fear and overwhelmed. However, there are steps that can help facilitate educators. The article entitled “Supporting English Language Learners in

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1085 words - 5 pages even Pizza Hut use young woman to advertise their food. They use them to portrait that woman “belong” in the kitchen and that even when you are buying food, is a woman the one who is making your food. These gives men a false idea that when they get married, their wife has to be at home cleaning and making food for them. “Literature Review” In the article “Six Stereotypes of Women in Advertising” they talk about how women are just used in advertising

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1587 words - 7 pages artists portraying themselves as wealthy through their paintings. On glamour and publicity, Berger says that people seek these things to be enviable. Throughout the end of the series, Berger shows that everything shown in art and reproduction must be judged through one’s own experience. Review of Another Reader When reviewing another reader’s response to Berger’s work, I found myself reading an article from Dazed Digital, written by one Emma Hope

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1104 words - 5 pages /article/672/ Clark, J. E. (1997). The arts of government in early mesoamerica. Annual Review of Anthropology, 26, 211-234. Retrieved from John Mitchell Special to The Christian,Science Monitor. (2003, Sep 24). A park that's heads above the rest; poet carlos pellicer rescued some of mexico's largest, most ancient artifacts by bringing them to

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3348 words - 14 pages 94.0 Virtual Reality Technology for the Virtual Perception Study. 114.1 Summary 114.2 Review 114.3 Conclusion 125.0 Comparison of four article 14References 17What Regulates The Surface Color Effect in Object Recognition: ColorDiagnosticity or Category?By Jun-ichi Nagai & Kazuhiko Yokosawa1.1 SummaryTanaka and Presnell (1999) research claimed object recognition is related to degree of the specific color and high density color play an

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2558 words - 11 pages 1 Running head: LITERATURE REVIEW 2 LITERATURE REVIEW Family Focused Therapy for Bipolar I/II Patients Literature Review Tala Hishmeh Antioch University of Santa Barbara Abstract: High levels of expressed emotion (EE), critical attitudes, and emotional over-involvement are associated with an increased likelihood of relapse among bipolar patients. However, the root of these attitudes is unclear. Therefore, many studies have extensively focused on

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971 words - 4 pages Free failure, then the only recommended course of treatment involves diuretics, dialysis and in most extreme cases, allogenic kidney transplantation. However, none of these treatment options are permanent solutions. (Wong & Rogers, 2009). Research into stem cell therapy as a treatment option for renal failure is still a relatively novel practice. Since this practice is so new, the article by LeBleu et al. is one of the first to establish the use of

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2342 words - 10 pages undocumented victims of domestic violence and I will conclude with how this humanitarian visa can provide a path for United States citizenship for such sufferers. I will use five different sources from previous research that I did regarding this matter which I believe contained critical information that would be beneficial for my exploratory research paper. My first research source which is an article by the American Immigration Council talks about when