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Article Review Four

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Running head: JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW #4 1Journal Article Review #4:Using Assistive Technology to Foster Speech and Language Skills at Home and in PreschoolFoundations of Exceptionality (EDUC 521)Dr. Thomasina Goodgame, InstructorByJanet RobertsonLiberty UniversityMay 1, 2011Using Assistive Technology to Foster Speech and Language Skillsat Home and in PreschoolCommunication disorders affect a certain percentage of special needs children; special services and accommodations are required to assist these students, as well as the parents in a collaborative effort. In the article, Using Assistive Technology to Foster Speech and Language Skills at Home and in Preschool, the authors, Skau and Cascella, discuss ways to use assistive technology, and the types of assistive technology, to enhance ...view middle of the document...

Parent's need only learn 20 to 30 signs that pertain to the needs and likes of the child to make it effective in communicating; signs can be adjusted to the motor skill of the child. Picture and song boards are a simple cheap way to use assistive technology to enhance communication abilities also, "Some children especially benefit from seeing a representation of the words while hearing them." and at the same time practicing the words or songs shown on the board (2006). Aided Language Stimulation works in conjunction with the song and picture boards; allowing the teacher to point out specific words to assist in supplementing speech and language skills for communication. With the vocal output device, "The child only needs to touch a button or press a switch and the device will speak his or her message." working much in the same way as song and picture boards do to aid in the communication process (2006). With the ALS words or stories can be duplicated and recorded allowing the student to partake in lessons by touching a button (2006).In conclusion, assistive technology can correspond with a child's need to help with communication when language and speech disorders are present. The assistive technology discussed works in school and in the home setting allowing communication for everyone involved in the child's day to day life and activities; they aid in assisting with and improving communication disorders.ReferencesSkau, L., & Cascella, P. W. (2006). Using assistive technology to foster speech and language skills at home and in preschool. Teaching Exceptional Children, 38(6), 12-17. Retrieved from EBSCOhost,

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