Computer Arts Of Boolean Algebra - Class - Essay

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Michelle Li
LA 255: College Math
Instructor: Maya Akpinar
Final Project
Computer Arts of Boolean algebra
It may sound like a tough topic for an art major student, but Boolean
algebra is very easy to explain and to understand. It represents the simplest of all
the logics and the very basis of computing. Today, globally almost all of the
school are still teaching students about Boolean Logic. Why we will still use
Boolean algebra? In this project, all the examples will demonstrate that boolean
algebra is one of the most significant algebra in computer science area.
Logic, logic everywhere. Computers and logic are inseparable. They are
now but at the start things were much more unclear. Boolean Algebra was
introduced by Geroge Boole, he believed in what he called the ‘process of
analysis’, that is, the process by which combinations of symbols are obtained.
What is Boolean Algebra?
Boolean logic uses three basic logic connectives: AND, OR, NOT and related
operators to evaluation whether statements are TRUE or FALSE. It's simple, but
really powerful. It's used in electronics, databases and in computer programming
languages. It's really not an exaggeration to same that Boolean logic is one of the
foundational concepts of the tech age.
Boolean Logic
Boolean logic is very easy to explain and to understand.
• You start off with the idea that some statement P is either true or false, it
can’t be anything in between.
• Then you can form other statements, which are true or false, by combining
these initial statements together using the fundamental operators And, Or
and Not.
For example, if P is true then Not(P) is false So, if “today is Monday” is true then
“Not(today is Monday)” is false. We often translate the logical expression into
English as “today is Not Monday” and this makes it easier to see that it is false if
today is indeed Monday. It very quickly becomes difficult to follow and this is part
of the power of Boolean logic.
Truth Tables
The rules for combining expressions are usually written down as tables listing all
of the possible outcomes. These are called truth tables and for the three
fundamental operators these are:
P ...

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