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The development in weaponry that had the greatest single impact on the war was the invention of the rifled musket. The weapon of choice before the war was muskets that had no spin on them. The new rifles solved old technical problems of other muskets. They had a spiral to spin the bullets faster, straighter, farther, and with more accuracy to 500 yards. In the premodern era, they only shot 50 yards. These rifles made it possible for soldiers to shoot with greater accuracy from a greater distance. It made battlefields large scale. The modernized guns and bullets are developed and used widely from the Civil War (1861-1865). The new technology of weapons eventually inspired trench warfare. ...view middle of the document...

This gave generals a new source of firepower over great distances. Sadly though, many of those officers had no idea on how to incorporate these new weapons or how to go about adjusting their tactics.WWI was also the first time that the tank was ever introduced into the battlefield. These first tanks were slow, inaccurate and very big. The first tanks were so bad that they never really influenced the war. However, it did bring about new ideas on how future wars could be fought. In WWI, tanks were used as direct support of the infantry. This means that the tank would move up through the barbed wire and mine fields while the infantry would follow directly behind it.WWI was also the first war that weapons of mass destruction were ever used such as gas. The Germans were the first to use this new deadly weapon.A good book to read on WWI is "All Quiet on the Western Front." It is much of the information about trench warfare on the Western front. Soldiers dug miles of complex 8-foot-deep corridors in the mud of eastern France and virtually lived in them nearly four years. Life in the trenches was riddled with disease, malnutrition, and the continuous threat of death. Going "over the top" was one of the most popular techniques of fighting in the war. It is the chosen and ineffective offensive style during trench warefare. It involved large numbers of troops charging out of the trench and running toward the enemy's trench. Soldiers' mental well-being decreased more and more as they saw each and every one of their fellow soldiers get wounded or in some case even killed. T...


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1239 words - 5 pages art of poetry but was intended to tell a wide audience the truth about what some considered the “art” of war. While war poetry is often considered as a subset of Modernist poetry, the specificity of content demands that it be categorized on its own. The reality of battle, the added brutality of new weaponry, and the physical and psychological consequences of WWI were recorded in the works of war poets, by those who had personally experienced the

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1321 words - 6 pages Dexter Schega Dr. Kevin Stanton Modern European History 3 rd Period Thesis Paragraph and Outline March 10 th , 2018 The Use and Effect of Submarines in WWI Early into World War I the Germans had perfected the submarine called the Unterseeboot or U-boat. This technology was a major advantage to the Germans, who at the time, were the only nation to have this technology. These crafts had a consequential impact on World War I. The U-Boats had sunk

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615 words - 3 pages Free DevelopmentAid: France is the world's fourth biggest Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) donor in terms of budget, contributing almost €10 billion annually (€9,348 million in 2011), and the second biggest in terms of percentage of Gross National Income (GNI) at 0.46%. Africa is the primary beneficiary of France's ODA (55%), and sub-Saharan Africa in particular (41%).Economic system: Is a combination of private and state enterprise with

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890 words - 4 pages discoveries on the Saturn rockets to the Moon during the 1957 to 1975 space race with the Soviet Union. Using the Nazis’ field work, NASA had an advantage against the Soviets during the Cold War years. The CIA not only used German scientists for their knowledge of weapon development, but also used their mind control experimentation data from the tests on Jews in the concentration camps, and this was incorporated with the CIA's top secret mind control

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993 words - 4 pages artefacts such as storage jars, housing plans, building materials and jewellery which all correspond to those used by people in Homers tale. Storage jars set into the floor suggests a state of siege was upon Troy in the seventh layer, which means Homer's account of the Greeks and Trojans at war would be accurate. Layer six also held the advanced weaponry such as Greek spearheads that suggest that there was a war between the Trojans and the Greeks did

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681 words - 3 pages forces would ultimately be defeated in the war between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies. With Britain in rule of the American colonies, the development of the American army did not happen quickly. The American soldiers were hardly deemed capable to fight and were not exactly given the proper tools needed to do so. With extreme limitations on weapons, gun powder, and ammunition, the British soldiers would heavily outweigh the Americans at war


899 words - 4 pages Free Africa and used as domestics - zanj slaves = captured Africans -increased seclusion of upper class women in harem and veiling Intellectual -development of war tactics and weaponry -building of Mosques in conquested areas - mathematics  algebra, geometry - science  astronomy, medicine, anatomy -study of Greek, Greco-roman culture -study of Indian knowledge –spread number system; becomes know as Hindi-Arabic system as a result -learning

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1530 words - 7 pages Throughout history, navies have made significant impacts in the technological development of human kind. These impacts range from improvements in metal technologies made while perfecting the cannon to the advent of cybernetics,which allowed more precise targeting of weaponry. One of the more sophisticated developments in naval history has been the invention of the submarine. The submarine was born in 1620 as a leather-covered rowboat built by

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1163 words - 5 pages forth the ideas of a Star Wars anti-ballistic weaponry. But the idea of putting thousands of little 5 pound bombs up in orbit that would through sheer kinetic energy destroy a missile on its upward trajectory had been around science Khushchev. This put him at worry. He concluded that the only way for him to reach the US with his missiles was to launch them in such sheer numbers. To do this he would have to change the governments funding of 30% to

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954 words - 4 pages Russia in 1905 and had taken over many of Germany’s eastern and Pacific colonies in WWI. Japan was experiencing internal tensions by the early 1930s due to the fact that its population had exploded, and hence, its ability to feed its population had gotten worse. Additionally, Japan’s ability to pay for industrial raw materials depended on the manufacturing of heavy industrial goods and textiles, but western nations established tariff barriers to

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1702 words - 7 pages one section he would end up alienating the other.During the years of the liberal system the development of industry in the North led to the founding of trade unions and cooperative organizations, which then resulted in a significant growth of socialism.The First World War had started reinforcing nationalism, and a desire of great achievements and glory for the nation. These sudden nationalist beliefs created among the Italians of the

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1166 words - 5 pages same side (i.e. British shells intended for Germans falling onto the British side). John Simkin had estimated that on average for the British soldiers, 75,000 were killed by accidental artillery mishaps (Third paragraph). Erich Maria Remarque also took the opportunity to introduce the various types of techniques that were used during the war. There was a new development of weaponry that made it easier for soldiers to do their jobs. Tanks were

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1389 words - 6 pages . This success for Japan, however, was short-lived and the country along with the neighbouring territories suffered a standstill in production for the wartime and to economy dropped rapidly. Like both Germany and Japan, Italy had also made very little recovery after WWI and was suffering its fair share from the Great Depression. The economy of Fascist Italy was weak, and Mussolini knew that the economic state would be an important thing to address if

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1278 words - 6 pages , and France were against the development of Germany. Bismarck declared war against these countries. He ensured there are no external forces preventing the development of Germany. The Germans made him chancellor. He used his position to formulate laws that promoted economic growth. He dominated the political field and ensured there is no instability. Germans concentrated in developing the economy rather than participating in war. There was the need

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1937 words - 8 pages emerged as the remaining superpowers. The ideological arrangements of the two were in opposition and political tensions between the communist and capitalist divide seeped globally. Both superpowers possessed nuclear weaponry and that knowledge kept the two from direct conflict. Instead they each attempted to assert their influence globally while confining their rival's. Promises of economic development and nationalist appeals were made to influence