Eighth Grade Word Part Formative Test Questions Suffix And Prefix Are All Used In This Test English Class At Douglass High School Assignment

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8th Grade Word Part Formative Test
Knowing the meaning of the suffix -ive helps the reader understand that the word excessive means
beneath excess.
tending toward excess.
lacking in excess.
the opposite of excess.
2. Knowing the meaning of the suffix -ion helps the reader understand the word conservation means
the state of conserving.
without conserving.
in favor of conserving.
before conserving.
3. Knowing the Latin root ped helps the reader know that the word pedometer refers to an instrument that measures the distance traveled
in water.
to the moon.
on foot.
under the ground.
4. Knowing the Latin prefix uni helps the reader understand that the word unicellular refers to a thing that is made up of
no cells.
a single cell.
many cells.
large cells.
5. Knowing the meaning of the prefix inter- helps the reader understand that the word interactive means
active together.
before being active.
active between.
in favor of being active.
6. Knowing the meaning of the Latin root circum helps the reader know that the word circumnavigate means to travel
over water.
under something.
on the ground.
around something.
7. Knowing the Latin root bene helps the reader understand that the word beneficial describes something that is
8. Knowing the meaning of the Greek root hydro helps the reader understand that the word hydrotherapy refers to a medical treatment involving
9. Knowing the meaning of the prefix mal- helps the reader understand that the word malfunction means
not function....

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