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Elvis Essay

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I all started when I was minding my own business on a branch when I heard talking. I looked over to my left and saw a young girl and boy walking with their father. I thought it was extremely unusual that anyone would be this far out in the forest so I decided to sneak behind and followed them. As I was trailing the people I realised that the two young children were Hansel and Gretel. They were dropping breadcrumbs ...view middle of the document...

Suddenly the father dashed quickly away deep into the forest leaving the children deserted. I decided to follow and watch the children very carefully and closely to see where they were going. The children were lost. They walked aimlessly around the forest for hours until they stumbled across an old little blue wooden cottage. Hansel knocked on the door three times hoping to get directions back to their house. From the branch I was sitting on in the small tree I could see what looked like an old lady in a pink dressing gown with matching slippers opening the door. She asked, "Is that you little red riding hood?" in a murmur. Gretel replied "no, we're lost can you help us find our way back home?". "And we are really hungry" added Hansel. As quick as a flash the old lady ripped off her wig and exposed that he was a wolf. He grabbed both children, tied them up and threw them into the cupboard. "I'll have you later for supper" he chuckled. As I was perched on the window ledge I noticed when the wolf opened the cupboard that granny was already in there. I didn't know what to do. How could a small little

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803 words - 4 pages trouble maker throughout high school. He was frequently skipping school and had a record of petty stealing. Luckily, John Lennon was a very good artistic drawer. His Aunt Mimi was responsible for persuading the headmaster at his school to recommend him to Liverpool Art College (Lennon 1). It was at college that John first found his love for music.In 1956, a friend played him Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel and Lonnie Donegan's Rock Island Line. From this

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724 words - 3 pages rather short career on the charts, Holly's innovative style, as well as his enthusiastic and energetic performances, made him one of the most popular singers in music history. "Without Elvis, none of us would have made it." "He made it easy to wear glasses. I WAS Buddy Holly." --John Lennon "Buddy Holly gave you confidence. He was like the boy next door." --Paul McCartney

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1239 words - 5 pages . Some of his famous movies include Sleep(1963), Kiss(1964), Elvis at Ferus(1963), Hair Cut #1, #2, #3 (1963), Blow Job(1964). He's created many movies, these are just some that are most recognized.(Warhol Movies, 2006) The short film Blow Job, they show DeVerne Bookwalter receiving a blow job. They never tilt the camera down to show who's giving it. Many of Warhol's films are obscene and almost usually show only on shot the entire time.(Gary

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1124 words - 5 pages an intricate role in blues. His electric blues influenced such American musicians as Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan and such British rockers as the Rolling Stones, who took their name from a Waters song, and Eric Clapton, who recorded with him (, 1).So what exactly is the connection? How does the blues affect the Delta, all the way to Texas? What role do to different artist play? The solution is the following: Blues is music is much more

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1936 words - 8 pages is measly by comparison.Work Cited PageO. Dir. Tim B. Nelson. Perf. Mekhi Phifer, Josh Hartnett, Julia Stiles. DVD. Lions Gate Films, 2001.Coleridge, Samuel T. Notes and Lectures on Shakespeare and Some Old Poets and Dramatists. Vol. I. London: William Pickering. 1859.Hazlitt, William. Characters of Shakespeare's Plays. New York: E. P. Dutton. 1944.Mitchell, Elvis. "Film Review; the Moor Shoots Hoops." New York Times. 31 Aug. 2001. 1 Mar. 2007 .

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2530 words - 11 pages Probably the most popular, influential and enduring rock group of all time, the Beatles almost single-handedly reshaped rock 'n' roll from a genre of throwaway singles by faceless stars to an artistic medium with memorable images and idols. The Beatles placed the emphasis on a group, rather than a single individual, like Frank Sinatra or Elvis. They also set an example for all rock n roll bands to follow with their strong sense of self

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3864 words - 16 pages . ���� ���� `Good sound system.' ���� ���� `Came today.' ���� ���� She had long curtains of hair then, everyone did, John Lennon style. He could see her coming through a crowd. Her large pink mouth, slight Elvis curl to it, her little blue eyes, magnified by glasses, too little she said but he liked them, cheekiness there and something else besides, held back in them. Now her hair is a bob, shortest but still thick, gray dyed out, curling at the

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585 words - 3 pages , confidence, and swing of a saxophonist.Elvis' five Sun singles pioneered the blend of R&B and C&W that would characterize rockabilly music. For many of his early fans and music critics alike, they remain not only Elvis' best singles, but the best rock & roll ever recorded. The claim that Elvis made blues acceptable for the white market is not the whole picture; the singles regularly teamed blues covers in the midst of country and pop

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960 words - 4 pages All through history, music censors have attacked controversial lyrics and have blamed the music for the basis of societies problems. This act of censoring music is most definitely not recent. Records date back for years, in 1957 when Elvis Presley was performing on the Ed Sullivan Show, the camera men were forced by the host to only film Elvis from the waist up to avoid offending sexually sensitive viewers (because of the rotating motions of his