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Archer’s Mission
By William Wilson
The FPS game with a medieval twist
This game is a medieval first-person shooter designed for PC and mobile. The reason why I chose to make the game available on these platforms is because of the ease of access that they bring. Most people are likely to have a computer or laptop as well as a mobile device which allows the game to have greater availability. They are likely to be more familiar with how to use those devices as well because they are very common.
PC- For the pc I planned for gamers to use the mouse or track pad to move the main character’s line of sight. They would also use the arrow keys for moving from place to place. To use the equipped weapon, they would have to click on their target to fire an arrow. Talking to NPC’s would require clicking on them with the mouse. The controls are very simple and easy to learn for all ages.
Mobile- For mobile phones and tablets the gamer would have to use their hands to drag across the screen to adjust their line of sight. They would tap to where they would like to go and press the screen for approximately 2 seconds to fire their weapon. Talking to NPC’s would require tapping them as well.
- Engaging story
- Various fortresses to explore
- Upgrades to equipment
After an ordinary night falling asleep, you wake up the next day inside what looks like a castle in the medieval ages. After frantically trying to figure out how you got there you find out that you’ve been tasked with infiltrating various enemy fortresses to sabotage and steal their resources. You have experience using the bow and arrow but nothing else. Soon afterwards you leave the castle and you ask the townspeople if they’ve ever seen you before and who you are. They tell you that you’ve always been an archer for the kingdom and question if you’re feeling alright. You decide that they won’t be much help and you go elsewhere to find answers. You begin to start your mission to infiltrate the next fortress you’re tasked to and travel to the next kingdom. After completing the mission, you go back to your kingdom to obtain your next task. Throughout completing more missions, you gather clues from the kingdoms you traveled to by talking to the people there. You ask questions about why the kingdoms are supposedly at war with each other. You find out that one kingdom had mysteriously attacked a rival kingdom not far long ago while in a period of peace. Then put the blame on another kingdom for informing them incorrectly of a plot planned against them. This brought uncertainty and tension between the kingdoms and ever since then resources have dwindled because of untrustworthiness, and a lot of looting and destruction began between kingdoms. After going to all the tasked kingdoms, you have now discovered that the one who brought you to this world was the...

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