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Part 3
In my predator group, many people talked about racism again. I think this is a popular topic because this topic is often discussed and it is a thing in this society. Especially here, we have a wide diversity of people. This Is maybe because different people get treated differently because of many things such as stereotypes. I feel that it is something that we don’t get to discuss so often so that is why many people are still eager to share their side of the story or their opinion on their subject in a safe space such as a classroom. However, it made me realize also that because there is a wide diversity of people here, many people meet friends with different cultures and background. In my opinion, I feel that although we are vocal in fighting racism and we behave in the sense that something is actually being done, I feel like little progress has actually been made. Many of my group members also talked about the banking concept and their experiences with it, one told a story about how there was this one teacher who would get angry at the slightest thing if students did not follow his exact instructions. This teacher got so angry over a boy who dropped a pencil during a test that he threw the chalk duster at him. This was quite relatable as I had a teacher who was easily angered but to a less extreme extent.
Part 4
Since my problem is mainly in relation to overreliance over the usage of technological devices and the fear of missing out on social media, I decided to upgrade my past experiment of going on a digital Sabbath with my closest group of 5 friends. 3 of us live together and I invited the other 2 to stay with me in my apartment on the weekends and i made them promise to not access any sort of social media while we are together and not touch our phones at all when we are doing activities together. We made a deal that if anyone breaks the rule the next meal would be a treat by that person. So, it was really tough on the first day, I’ve now got 2 free meals waiting, but we got the hang of it on the second day and the results of the experiment were really surprising. Since we couldn’t use our phones we began to talk more and this resulted in us slowly opening up to each other more. We slowly lost the fear of missing out as at that moment I was contented to just spend time with...


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514 words - 3 pages good friend of mine once told me: “A drop in the ocean will cause a ripple.” The quote has stuck with me ever since she has uttered those words because I believe that it is true on many levels. A small act of kindness or justice will lead to more of them because the first few are the stepping stones. Contributing in anyway or form will make a change in any society. I am one of those drops of water going into the immeasurable ocean. When I become a

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1990 words - 8 pages ruin it (Vega & Sanghvi, 2012). The strength of the egg-white protein matrix can also be enhanced by the convention of beating the egg whites in a copper bowl (McGee, 2004). As the egg whites are beaten, tiny flecks of copper break off the bowl and are whisked into the egg mixture (Lawandi, 2018). Conalbumin, a protein found in the egg whites, takes up the copper that has broken apart from the bowl (McGee, 2004). The copper binds sulphur on the

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