GBA 490 Twitter Case With Full Analysis And Recommendations

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University of Alabama

To: Jack Dorsey
From: --------
RE: Recommendations for Twitter

Dear Mr. Dorsey,
Below are my recommendations for Twitter over the next three years

1. I recommend that Twitter come up with a new competitive strategy that will be able to do better than the apps and other social media apps that are already around
a. In exhibit B, you will be able to see the weaknesses that Twitter presents in the analysis
2. I recommend that Twitter fix/improve their brand image which will attract more individuals to want to use twitter. They should also start charging people to promote themselves, products, campaigns, and ect. on their platform
a. In exhibit B, you will be able to see the recommendation above

External Analysis

Political factors that social media platforms experiences are the ones that come from people in politics. Many individuals use social media to promote and get the word out about a campaign they are running or something they are trying to do. For example, President Obama used Twitter to share that he won the 2012 election. This tweet was viewed 25 million times on the platform.
Economic factors that social media platforms experiences are the people who are constantly online. Any company that is trying to advertise or promote their brand or image go to Twitter for example. It is an easy and the business saves so much money on the advertising fee. This is also something that will benefit the business because many people are online, and it will get to the potential buyer faster than a paper advertisement.
Some Socio-Cultural things that social media platforms faces are being able to reach everyone no matter where they are in a very effective way. We have seen many social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat having personal data leaked so that is something all platforms have to be cautious of. If this happens, they could lose many users which will negatively affect their business.
The main way businesses get their product or information out is through social media.
If something happens in the world where a power line goes down or Twitter experiences some sort of outage, this will affect the way users will be able to use Twitter. For example, they will not be able to refresh their feed and get up to date on the news and tweets.
Twitter can face legal issues if their data gets compromised. Many big platforms have had their data hacked and then released.
This PESTAL analysis sh...

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