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Heartless Essay

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I stared into the eyes of my enemy, dumbfounded by the pain and misery they have caused us. Their facial expressions are as cold as steel. They have no accountability for the sins they have committed. They have separated families. Orphans roam the street in feeble hope of justice. Mothers walk with pained eyes, thinking of the children they have lost to bullets and slaying. They moan and express whimpers and hurt cries, but still manage to show tender love and care to others who have lost their loved ones.I don’t only feel, but also see and hear the screams of my brothers and sisters. The air tastes of blood and smells of gas, forcing me not only to remember, but to ...view middle of the document...

This was something I never understood, until I came face to face with them when I was 9 years old. Then I understood that it is they who are the terrorists, not us. They are killing our people, breaking our bones, destroying our homes, taking our land by force, and they dare call us the “TERRORISTS”?This frustration and the pledge to Masjid -ul-Aqsa (Holy mosque) is what helps us to stand steadfast and strong, although there are many times when we just want to give up: especially when we are stopped and harassed at the checkpoints. Every day we must face our enemies without showing any fear. We stand facing each other, with our hearts pounding in our chests. The graphic images of our families whom we have to leave behind each time we leave home, haunt our minds constantly. We realise that we may never see them again if we return home.On every confrontation with these evil unthinking soldiers I make a prayer which brings a hope in my heart that this injustice will one day end. I still keep the hope that the world will show integrity and stand up for us soon, and bring our misery to and end. I know that god is always with us, and will always be with us, and will never betray us nor forsake us. We will pursue victory over these enemies with every last drop of blood we possess. Death does not scare us. Conviction and faith are like the oxygen we need to breathe and keep alive. We will overcome Zionist injustice and persecution, one day very soon.bibliographies:I did it with my own imagination and with what is happening in the Gaza Strip

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