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I stared into the eyes of my enemy, dumbfounded by the pain and misery they have caused us. Their facial expressions are as cold as steel. They have no accountability for the sins they have committed. They have separated families. Orphans roam the street in feeble hope of justice. Mothers walk with pained eyes, thinking of the children they have lost to bullets and slaying. They moan and express whimpers and hurt cries, but still manage to show tender love and care to others who have lost their loved ones.I don’t only feel, but also see and hear the screams of my brothers and sisters. The air tastes of blood and smells of gas, forcing me not only to remember, but ...view middle of the document...

This was something I never understood, until I came face to face with them when I was 9 years old. Then I understood that it is they who are the terrorists, not us. They are killing our people, breaking our bones, destroying our homes, taking our land by force, and they dare call us the “TERRORISTS”?This frustration and the pledge to Masjid -ul-Aqsa (Holy mosque) is what helps us to stand steadfast and strong, although there are many times when we just want to give up: especially when we are stopped and harassed at the checkpoints. Every day we must face our enemies without showing any fear. We stand facing each other, with our hearts pounding in our chests. The graphic images of our families whom we have to leave behind each time we leave home, haunt our minds constantly. We realise that we may never see them again if we return home.On every confrontation with these evil unthinking soldiers I make a prayer which brings a hope in my heart that this injustice will one day end. I still keep the hope that the world will show integrity and stand up for us soon, and bring our misery to and end. I know that god is always with us, and will always be with us, and will never betray us nor forsake us. We will pursue victory over these enemies with every last drop of blood we possess. Death does not scare us. Conviction and faith are like the oxygen we need to breathe and keep alive. We will overcome Zionist injustice and persecution, one day very soon.bibliographies:I did it with my own imagination and with what is happening in the Gaza Strip


Achilleus Essay

402 words - 2 pages Free AchilleusAchilleus leader of the Achaians and son of Peleus a mortal king and The sea-goddess Thetis is an important character of the Iliad. Achilleus is a well-respected warrior; the Achaians needed Achilleus to help them fight the Trojans. In book XXII Achilleus showed that he was heartless when he killed Hektor. Achilleus also showed that he was sympathetic towards elders by returning Hektors body when Priam begged for it. In Homers

Will The Capulet And Montague Ever Stop?

400 words - 2 pages with it.The servants started arguing and were using vulgar and rude language against each other.Young Benvolio trying to stop the servants stepped into the argument but then it only got worse. Tybalt from the Capulets attacked Benvolio, but Benvolio on the other hand was a peace-keeper, so he tried to maintain peace, but unfortunately he got pulled into the argument by Tybalt which led to a fight."What, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds

Henry The Fifth Assignment

481 words - 2 pages Free The character in the play Henry the fifth seemed to me a newfound leader. Although Surinbrue said he seemed to have heartless egotism I believe that Henrys role and newfound leadership merely blinded him into a lot of speeches but only because he was trying to prove himself in the shadow of his father.Although Henry was said to be a wild and reckless boy growing up, I believe that faced with his father death he quickly realized it was now his

Western Civilization; Hebrew prophets - rowan - essay

710 words - 3 pages the wealthy and the poor” (page 42). The farmers became in debt causing them to lose their land. The poor became slaves to the wealthy people, because of this the prophets called it religious sins and they were against this way of life. Amos strived to find a better way of life, to result in fulfilling God’s duty. The book states “He denounces the pomp of the heartless rich and the hypocrisy of pious Jews who worshipped God. Thereby, Amos takes

The Five Stages Of A Tragic Hero And Oedipus' Going Through Them

619 words - 3 pages where he shows a blemish, weakness, or imperfection. This is the stage that Oedipus dives right into a the beginning when he first addresses the people of Thebes, "...I, Oedipus, who bear the famous name... Tell me, and never doubt tat I will help you In every way I can; I should be heartless..."(1223). Oedipus is ignorant to his own big head blowing up higher and higher. "Is this your prayer? It may be answered. Come, Listen to me, act as the

The Graveyard Book 2 Page Refection (pg 1-60) - Mystery and Horror Lit - Essay

652 words - 3 pages toddler age. The spirits are probably aware that she knows this and let her have her way, because nothing they do or say can change what happens. “Loved ones ask why can't they stay, And pray to God that they remain, Yet none shall dare question her say, That heartless Lady on the Grey.” One possibility for how she will come back, due to her seemingly imposed importance as a part of this book, is she will end up either taking someone away to

The Old Man At The Sea Exam Essay - English 1 - Essay

584 words - 3 pages says, “Most people are heartless about turtles because a turtle’s heart will beat for hours after he has been cut up and butchered(Hemingway 16).” In my opinion this means that no one cares about him or how he feels. Santiago feels that only the boy understands him, and all of his problems. But, in the novella they are trying to show the readers that he is determined, and just like the turtles he will not give up and he will have a strong heart

Over the Top - Based on WW1 Soldiers experiences - Education - Homework assignment on WW1

684 words - 3 pages at my feet, eyes staring, but not seeing. The constant trickle of blood seeping from their wounds. Some men exchange jokes and stories, while others sit quietly against the trench walls, silently praying. I am amongst them. I grip the cross dangling from my neck as a drowning man would grip a life buoy. For all the good it would do. I have seen many friends, religious or not, killed in this heartless battle of pride and power. The officer gives

Sympathize with the revolutionaries - East High School - Research

732 words - 3 pages , often criticising the evil of the revolutionaries themselves. It does appear clear however that Dickens shows great empathy for the situation of the French working class and highlights the necessity of a social change. We can see this through the heartless attitude of the Marquis Evremonde to the child his carriage has killed. The Marquis seems to be a symbol of the aristocracy that is used to shamelessly exploiting the nation's poor for its own ends

Review of Tales From the Hood Essay - Georgia Gwinnett College 2021 - review

879 words - 4 pages its message in your face, and it continues to be relevant through each story. Black people murdered by white cops, domestic abuse and violence being prevalent and often going unreported, unrepentant racists gaining political power, and the saddest of them all, black men murdering each other in the streets and consequently doing the job for the racists. All of this is still happening too often today, and this movie will definitely help open the eyes of the heartless, and murderous people we have on this earth.

Juliet Capulet Diary

940 words - 4 pages in the cold, heartless world when I suddenly decided to seek for Friar Lawrence and do some truth talking. Trembling like crazy, I told Friar Lawrence and asked for his advice. I felt dazed and so many emotions were going. He thought of a solution for me to meet up with Romeo. I hope it really works. So goodnight, I hope all will be well when I wake up.-*Juliet*-

Cosequences Of Shame And Guilt

845 words - 4 pages feeling and it tempts John right into bed with Abigail. He commits adultery and Elizabeth does not forgive him. She finds ways to punish John and make him feel more remorseful. For example, Reverend Hale asks John to recite the commandments and he forgets one, Elizabeth then says sarcastically, "Adultery, John" (Miller 1211). Elizabeth responds in such a manner that John feels such pain in his heart. At one point John is fed up with her heartless

The Title Of Wyatt Prunty?S Poem, ?Elderly Lady Crossing On

880 words - 4 pages Free anything, it is about how people should get what they deserve. If people are heartless to others in their youth, they should expect to be received that way when they become old. The speaker has a strong negative feeling against the elderly woman because he didn?t forget the way that she treated others (and perhaps him as well) in her youth. He believes that she should get what she deserves despite the fact that she behaved so cruelly due to her lonely

Independence within Romantic Love in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë - eng119 - essay

975 words - 4 pages you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless. And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you”(Brontë 221). Jane senses the power struggle developing in her relationship with Rochester. Unable to let go of her freedoms Jane leaves Rochester and eventually returns to him on her own terms when she inherits her

Independence within Romantic Love in - english - essay

975 words - 4 pages you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless. And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you”(Brontë 221). Jane senses the power struggle developing in her relationship with Rochester. Unable to let go of her freedoms Jane leaves Rochester and eventually returns to him on her own terms when she inherits her