How Do The Texts Show That Comradery Is Important During War English Essay

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How do the texts All Quiet on the Western Front, Dulce et Decorum est and In Flanders Fields show that comradery is vital during war time.
All Quiet on the Western Front written by Erich Maria Remarque is a novel of the horrors of modern warfare and shares many similarities to the poems Dulce et Decorum est and In Flanders Fields with the common themes and similar views of comradeship. Whilst all three texts discus this point, Remarque descriptively portrays the strength of this bond and the reason behind it, whilst Owen demonstrates the negative impact of this strong bond. McRae’s texts, depicts the duty, honour and obligation that comes with comradery not just on the battlefield but those in the public. Through these texts, it can be seen that the theme of comradeship is vital during war time between these three works. Very good intro! Comment by Gada Chazbek: What do you mean? Do you mean the responsibility of those on the homefront?
Remarque shows that in times of need, war creates a shared experience, and forms into a situation that draws individuals together. One such relationship created between Kat and Paul shows this instance strongly, with Kat becoming a mentor or father-like figure to Paul. This bond’s strength is compared to the bond of love, explaining that “(Paul) loves him” with “(his) kindly voice (that) says words to (him) and gives (him) peace”. This bond clearly shows that their relationship which was forged as a result of war is stronger than any other. Stronger even than the bonds he had with his parents and sister. This comradeship is shown in many forms, such as trusting each other with their lives as these “two men… crouch in danger… (with) their hearts close to one another”. With the present “fear of death”, the soldiers “all share the same fear and the same life” and have a bond that is “nearer than lovers”. Without the situation of war, this and many other bonds, are most likely not coming to fruition with the factor of survival not eminent. Conclusively, All Quiet on the Western Front describes the strength of relationships formed in war and the effects t...


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