Coping With Stress Stress Has Become A Growing Concern In Today’s Society. Stress Has Been Associated With Many Different Conditions And Is Thought To Cause Disease

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Running Head: COPING WITH STRESSCoping with StressNajamah DavisEssex County CollegeAbstractStress has become a growing concern in today's society. Stress has been associated with many different conditions and is thought to cause disease. Individuals who are "stressed out," may experience a wide range of non-specific physical symptoms or no physical symptoms at all. Some exhibit mental symptoms such as anxiety. The term stress management was a term that was not used very readily in the past. Now, people openly discuss their stress management techniques. Yoga, swimming, walking, and cooking are activities that are described as "therapeutic" for s ...view middle of the document...

Individuals experiencing more than a few of these characteristics are likely "stressed out." If stress is left untreated it can lead to permanent feelings of helplessness and ineffectiveness.There are different methods of dealing with stress: identify the source and try to minimize these as much as possible, talk it out - talking to someone you trust about it and getting your feelings out without others judging you, take time out - take time to nurture oneself, away form the cares and responsibilities of the world, set limits - never hesitate to say "no' before you take on too much, try exhaling - breathing can measure and alter you psychological state, making a stressful moment increase or diminish in intensity and perhaps one of the best methods is exercise daily. An ideal stress management program is said to include the preliminary assessment of the following physiological and psychological variables: blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, muscle tension, anxiety levels, sleep and interpersonal relations at home and at work place (, 2009).Making sure the program possesses the given characteristics; one should also include the three coping strategies; the problem-focused, cognitive and emotion-focused ones. Of course not all of them are applicable to every type of stressful situations, but a good stress management program should combine the three techniques where possible (Rice, 2000). Active physi...


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357 words - 2 pages Free , then they will not follow the same work out plan as a woman who is pregnant. Most injuries occur during the first six months of starting an exercise program. You can help prevent most of these injuries if you start out with a low impact exercise program, wear proper shoes, train on a soft surface and get proper treatment if you do become injured. RICE is a term that can help you remember how to care for an injury. You should treat your injuries in

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456 words - 2 pages is established. IV. Observe the children constantly in order to notice the one who needs support. V. Be ever ready to answer the call of a child who needs your help. VI. Listen and respond when asked to. VII. Respect the one who works without interrupting him or questioning him. VIII. Respect the one who makes mistakes by not correcting him directly. As soon as he can, allow him to discover his mistake and correct it by himself. IX. Respect the

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689 words - 3 pages cope with living independently in society, but considered abnormal of the individual is unable to function effectively in society.Being able to feed and clothe yourself is normal but being so unhappy and lethargic that you cannot get out of bed in the morning is seen as abnormalSituational ApproachWithin a society or culture, thoughts, feelings and behaviour that may be considered normal in a situation but abnormal in another.If you were to come to

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436 words - 2 pages How to stay healthy while dealing with yr 12 stress Fellow students of year 12, I will be talking about how to stay healthy while having to deal with exams and stress. During exams, many students tend to push themselves to study and not care about their surroundings but most of the time, this ends up with infinite hours of studying, insufficient amounts of sleep and irregular diet and exercise. This can end up causing sickness both physically

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378 words - 2 pages Post Traumatic Stress DisorderMany of the inmates that we have seen often have one diagnosis that is intertwined with their major problems: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). How do we effectively help these people recognize and deal with the traumatic events in their lives so that they can deal with PTSD and possibly prevent this disorder from manifesting into further psychiatric problems?Someone with PTSD may experience unwanted memories

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2641 words - 11 pages Free biopsychosocial model takes into account that each patient is completely different and as a result they are affected differently by each biological, psychological and social happening. (Atkinson et al, 2005). The biomedical model of health however sees the patient as a biological entity which has developed a fault; this model leads people to believe that all patients with the same injury/pathology will respond the same to treatment and in the same amount

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627 words - 3 pages during a normal day, like a bus being late or our computer breaking and so on. This can be stressful if you were running late anyway or needed to print something off the computer. . Stress in the workplace - Work can be very stressful for some people who have lots of work to catch up on or a piece of work has to be in at a certain time. Where you work or who you work with can become a source of stress also if it is far away so must travel a lot or

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742 words - 3 pages Has Canada become a “postindustrial” society? Industrial society is a society that is driven by mass production using complex machines and technology to produce finish goods. Since majority of the work is automated; the numbers of factory workers are decreased in this economy while employment in the service sector increases. The high level of productivity encourages population growth in cities and urban areas providing higher living standards

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2001 words - 9 pages become victims of this terrible crime. Despite its negative effect on the world, racism has caused a tremendous impact on our society and has caused many significant events in American history to take place. Historically racism has been a big problem throughout America, leading back to the Martin Luther King Jr., Emmett Till and the Jim Crow Laws. Has time really changed? One would think not considering the fact that racism is posted all over the news

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2565 words - 11 pages strategy in place to deal with unforeseen situation like this, so the workload and stress level of their employees can be reduced. Several things have been done to address how employers deal with inadequate staff scheduling and how healthcare workers can deal with stress, but the topic seems to be lack so a lot of research because regardless of what have been done or researched the issue persists and it is resulting in a lot of high job turnover

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536 words - 3 pages Free Stress management Year after year college students report stress being the number one issues in their academic achievement. Money is the most stressful to adults aged 19-31, and the second most among college students. Millennia’s aged 18-33 are reported some of the highest levels of stress in the United States. WHAT IS STRESS? Stress is caused by different situations, for example; picture yourself having to give a speech in front of your class

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457 words - 2 pages ,”Everything i went through you were standing there by my side, And now you gon’ be with me for the last ride.” This is showing grief because the author is going to miss this person and he is about to leave forever. In conclusion, the song “Keep Ya Head Up” by Tupac Shakur and the song “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa both have different themes. The theme of “Keep Ya Head Up” is to never give up no matter what. The theme of “See You Again” is trying to tell you about a person they miss. They both create these themes through their lyrics. So the next time you listen to a great song think about why it is so good and why you really love it!

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1327 words - 6 pages Free conflicting with different circumstances. Stress can lead towards all different aspects to affecting an individual such as social ability, injuries, academics, diets, responsibility, etc. As athletes ourselves, we understand the struggle of student-athletes, and how difficult, it is to participate in a sport and handle outside responsibilities. From going to classes all day, being able to eat and running to your game/practice right after class, or missing

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620 words - 3 pages Rumsey 3 Why Drinking Age Should NOT Be Lowered Alcohol belongs in the category of psychoactive substances one can legally buy in almost any country, according to a certain criterion. Most often, this criteria is age; in the majority of cases, it is set to 21 years. However, in a number of countries, such as Australia, China, and Russia, it is set to 18. In the United states, calls for lowering the drinking age have sounded for a rather long

"We can usually learn much more from people whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own; disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learning."

449 words - 2 pages merits of examining an issue from various perspectives, public debate has been incorporated as an integral process in the working of governments.In conclusion, I would say that it is true disagreements cause stress, but examining contradictory opinions can never inhibit learning. Here, it is important to distinguish between differences in opinion and differences in thought. A society with no differences in opinion would be conflict-free and highly desirable. But a society where no one dares to think differently would never progress. And it is only by exposure to divergent views that one learns to think differently.