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Learning Team Analysis Of Business Specialties

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The name of our consulting firm is "A Helping Hand." This is a consulting firm that deals with non-profit organizations in the Health and Human Services field. We will begin by introducing you to our company with our mission statement, describe what consulting firms in the non-profit sector do and how they do it, and give a run down of issues our firm will address along with a description of services offered. After looking over our team matrix, we decided this was our best route to go that matched our skills and comfort levels of each one of our areas of expertise.Our mission is to assist organizations by expanding their access to, and utilization of resources that enhance cash flow and ...view middle of the document...

Assessing progress towards the readiness of the individualized community resource to accept the youth & family4. Authorizing and reimbursing for community-based or family-centered care in a format that may not fit any one funding categoryWe assist both providers and public agencies in developing care management models that improve the delivery of care for hard-to-serve children and families across systems: mental health, mental retardation, substance abuse, special education, child welfare, and juvenile justice.A care management organization approach to improving children's services is beneficial in many locations. A key concept is to harness the capabilities of local resources to reduce out of home placements and to shorten placements when they are necessary.A Helping Hand provides assistance planning and implementing structural reform of the current system that is child-centered, strength-based, family-focused, culturally competent and community-based. Our approach maximizes use of natural neighborhood and community resources. We assist with the creation of a systems administrative capability to process registration, track and coordinate care, develop administrative procedures, protocols, standards, form templates, assessment, monitoring, and utilization management instruments.A Helping Hand will address the issues of fund raising, employee satisfaction, and patient care for special needs, abused, or neglected children. Some types of problems or issues that we might come across in the fund raising portion could be raising the capital itself. Success levels are significantly higher for the "hard" capital than the "soft" capital; "hard" capital being buildings and vehicles, while "soft" capital is related to strategic planning, staff development, and program development. Non-profit agencies seem to have a hard time raising capital for their organizations. There are a few things that our consulting firm could do to help the non-profit agencies in acquiring capital for their business. These things are:1. Assemble additional information about nonprofit experiences and challenges with raising capital investment funds.2. Launch educational efforts aimed at nonprofits and investors. Nonprofit leaders seem quite unaware of capital funds resources that are available, and investors seem equally ignorant of the capital needs of charities.3. Foster financial intermediaries for the sector--organizations and mechanisms that can link pools of capital funds to nonprofits that need them.4. Create a nonprofit investment tax credit to encourage investors to fund appropriate capital projects.Organizations should consider adding new types of fund raising as well. Some of these types of fund raising can be in telemarketing, raffles, grants, direct mail, corporate collaboration, and capital campaigns. Our company will offer each of these methods as choices to help the client raise capital.Addressing the need for employee satisfaction is another area in which...

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