Mayhem For A Meal Assignment

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The day of destruction had arrived; the metal monsters flooded out of their hometowns, desperately fighting, trying to escape. Preparation had taken place for weeks, and then, finally, all calm of the previous hours gone, panic set in. All monsters abandoned their usual duties for this one occasion, and now they flooded in from every avenue, slowing travel for miles. Clusters of monsters made their presence known, howling their fury at the inability to depart.Some small monsters and even a few Bugs sprinkled across scene, but most were enormous eating beasts, their insides stuffed with the stock of the journey. Green, white, grey, red, blue, and black creatures crawled across the land, heading every which way, chafing the ground like an avalanche thundering down a mountain; the monsters journeyed from everywhere-Portland, Boston, New York, Hartford. All came from different areas, yet for the same purpose.A few hastily groaned, screeching to a stop here and there and everywhere. Others growled, driven by desperation, weaving through the crowd like deer through a forest, craving the turkey and mashed potatoes ahead. Most simply barked their frustrated barks, infuriated by the imminent tardiness, and the feast they would miss.As Suburbans, Jeeps, Vans, and the occasional Hummer guzzled gas to their limits, the men and women begged escape from the beasts, but no recess presented itself for many miles. Babies cried, children whined, parents yelled, adding to the clamor and clashes from all sides. Hours of waiting, walking, and then waiting again passed by, as minute after minute, second after second, the beeping, screaming, barking, and screeching continued.Occasionally a monster came to a pause, as too many tiny tollbooths stretched their arms out: "Halt!" The monsters spat coins from their mouths, and then once again entered the highway of a raging sea of metal covering the pavement; E-Z Pass customers shouted in triumph, yet just as they celebrated, all immediately became engulfed once again.The crowd fluctuated in size, as monsters left by the exits, and finally, at dusk, the noise began to decrease, slower and slower, but definitely lower. Cries of delight and happiness started being heard everywhere, birds chirping in the morning. At the front of all minds was holiday dinner in the near future. Yet, through the prospect of gravy, stuffing, cranberries, and turkey, many stood still back on the highway, with nowhere to go, nobody to hear, and no savior in sight. Others, disabled by accidents, were unable to continue the dash, for the monsters had wreaked havoc upon them.Most monsters slumbered in peace, having traveled far that day, yet of the terrible trek along the interstates, highways, and parkways would never be forgotten. In two days' time, the monsters would once again be thrown into action, with once again no controlling forces to the monsters' mad thundering along the highway, a furious journey that could never parallel the desperate recklessness of Thanksgiving Travel.


Assignment On Diet Planning Assessment

1695 words - 7 pages Free student, eating fast food is simply easier for her because it is both cheaper and faster than preparing a meal at home. Her personal favorite spot on campus to get a quick meal is Subway, because it is easily accessible, affordable, and, of course, fast.To determine whether or not her Subway meal was a better option compared to a home cook meal, I decided to take a closer look by comparing her sub sandwich to items purchased at Hyvee. The turkey sub

Paper On Sleep Motifs In MacBeth

1641 words - 7 pages Palsgrove 1Kelsey PalsgroveApril 8, 2013Brit Lit2nd DraftSleeplessness to Nightmare to Sleepwalking to Death: The Consequences of Evil Actions in MacbethWilliam Shakespeare's Macbeth tells the tragic story about a great warrior, Macbeth, who gives into temptation to prophecies about him becoming future king by the three witches. After Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth, commit the murder of King Duncan, their faith has been decided for them

Sliding Scale Insulin Dose Delivery and Meal Time in Acute Care Patients - NUR 102 - Research article summary

1487 words - 6 pages glucose values among adult medical. They hypothesized that " Pre-prandial point-of-care fingerstick glucose results obtained more than 30 minutes before the meal will demonstrate a variation in glucose values that is not consistent with insulin dosing regimens", (Totter et al., 2013, p.100). This research is important and relevant to the nursing profession, for the reason that patient outcomes will be improved if inpatient diabetes management is

"Fight Club" - Analysis

7125 words - 29 pages the world. A cultural ice age. A prematurely induced dark age. Project Mayhem will free humanity to go dormant or into remission long enough for the Earth to recover. Imagine...stalking elk past department store windows and stinking racks of beautiful rotting dresses and'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your'll climb up through the dripping forest canopy and the air will be so clean you'll see tiny

Narrative speech for English 101 or speech 101 class . Narrative essay on a first date - English 101 or Speech 101 - Essay or Speech

522 words - 3 pages , the lady in front of us orders and pays for her double-decker churro sundae: $6.58. This lady pays for the $0.58 in pennies. And so, with another failed attempt at awkward small-talk, I stay silent in disbelief this lady is this extra. We walk outside for a few minutes and with it being fall, I get the bright idea to give her my sweater. A genius and a gentleman. So, she puts on my mom’s sweater, confused as to why it fits her so well, revealing the masala mayhem. Needless to say, there wasn’t a second date. Thank you for listening.

Thematic and Stylistic Devices in Neo Noir Films - Pace University/ Eng 201 - Essay

1163 words - 5 pages . One thematic device used in this film is the narrator portraying a general mood of dislocation and bleakness. In certain parts of the movie Leonard wakes up confused and out of place, he does not even know how much time has passed and that is a huge factor in why he cannot stop looking for the “murderer”. He also feels a sense of alienation, paranoia and cynicism when he cannot remember catastrophic things he has done. The movie had many

american fast food in illinois, Its delicious and dangerous at the same time with your health. - cvs - freestyle

413 words - 2 pages Free Sidney Mason English 099-02 Al Brown, Instr 9-05-18 American Fast Food Value menu is very satisfying and affordable. Mcdonalds have a $1 $2 $3 dollar menu and it’s very good. You can either get a cheeseburger, any size drink, Mcchicken, or sausage burrito.In my opinion, dollar menu is very useful because some people usually don’t want a full meal: they probably just probably want a burger and a drink or something like that.Wendys have a 4 for 4

How to Make Honey-Mustard Chicken

511 words - 3 pages Free I am not a big fan of cooking. I'll do it occasionally due to necessity rather than for love of cooking. But there are a few times when I want to impress my family, boyfriend, and close friends. That's when I'll make my honey-mustard chicken. It's good for any occasion and anytime of the year. My aunt taught me how to make it and not to sound overconfident or anything but it's really delicious. Anyone can try this meal, because it's sweet but

Adversity in I know why the Caged Bird Sings - I.S.62, 702 - Essay

405 words - 2 pages for the rest of the day. This meal is called seri (seh-ree). You fast for te rest of the day until sunset, or the 4th prayer. You can gargle some water if your mouth gets dry. At sunset time, you pray and when the announcement of the prayer (the azhan) comes, you pray and start with a special food which is passes around. The special food are dates. Then, you eat your meal, and do the same as the month passes. Clothes In my culture, there are

A Family Dinner

460 words - 2 pages The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a family dinner is unity as family members gather together to share a meal and their day's events. In the spacious kitchen, while Mom prepares dinner, she listens to her children chatting and laughing as they do their homework at the large mahogany table by the picture window that faces the bucolic back yard. They wait anxiously for their father to return home from work so they can eat their

Freedom of Religion related to the freedom of speech and press

355 words - 2 pages to different people, whether they understand the full extent of it or not. Most people take for granted going to church on Sunday, or praying before a meal. In some other places, terror reigns over the citizens when they pray or try to worship their god in public. Is their ruler so insecure that he forces people to go against what they believe?Freedom of press, speech, and protest has impacted our economy greatly. Americans would not have

Goal Statement

764 words - 4 pages terrorism may be a virtual experience for its perpetrators, but the payload for those on the receiving end is shockingly real, whether it be bankruptcy, loss of life, miscarriage of justice or general mayhem resulting from the outage of critical systems. Furthermore, in a due course of time all computer security products will become smarter, with ease of use and low maintenance more of a priority, especially for small business and home users

Race In Hurston's Conscience Of The Court

960 words - 4 pages Free trial for something he did and because of her race it is easy to blame her for it. "Charged with felonious and aggravated assault, mayhem and premeditated attempted murder on the person of one Clement Beasley"¦I hit the man after he hit me, to be sure, Mister Judge" (Hurston, 770, 771). This shows that a superior race can blame a minority or smaller race for the crimes it commits. Michael Masse describes this as individual harm: "Some

Religion and Race within the United - University of Kansas AMS 110 - Essay

734 words - 3 pages , fingerprinted, and photographed by a Department of Justice official.” (52). This program was a result of the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Those selected were questioned as though they were not a citizen despite them being one, often asked about their religious and political identity. As a result of the program during its first year, “When the deadline for the first call-in registration passed in December 2002, mayhem ensued, particularly in

Typical Taiwanese Customs associated with Eating

582 words - 3 pages Typical Customs Associated with EatingTaiwanese consider eating as one of the essential parts of life. There is a Taiwanese saying, " Eating is as important as the Emperor. " Although there is no emperor anymore, this saying shows how important eating is to the Taiwanese. In order to suit the importance of eating, the Taiwanese have a set of longstanding, complicated dining etiquette, meal patterns, table settings, dining utensils, etc. Among