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In one sense it seems obvious that Institution is a key concept. After all, a media text has to be made by somebody, so there is likely to be an institution involved in the process. The study of institutions is very important, however, because this role also shapes the form of any text being made. In order to analyse the relationship between the text and the target audience, we need to think about how this influences both the production and the receiving of the text. You need to be able to identify the institution that has made the text and know enough about that institution to be able to assess how this has affected the way the text is shaped.What is an Institution?Put simply, the institution responsible for a text is the body that has made the text. When we looked at the key concept of Audience we noted that the main difference between a mass media text and a fine art text is that a fine art text is produced by an artist with no concern about audience or context for consumption. While this is obviously very simplistic, it is a good place to start thinking about the role of the institution. Some media institutions are more heavily commercial, while others have a requirement to produce particular types of text, and to support minority audiences, for example. By being aware of how institutions perspectives affect the shaping of a text in this way, you can become better aware of the text itself and the relationship to the target audience.The shape of a media institution and the texts it creates is usually formed by a trade-off between four crucial influences:- Money (or lack of it)- Ownership (and the degree of control this involves)- Artistic or social motivations (wanting to produce certain texts)- Target audience (needing to attract a particular audience or being dependent on sustaining a particular audience)For example, a broadcast institution may be required to provide a certain number of factual programmes or programmes for a particular social group. This would have a significant impact on scheduling and the production process. A small independent producer may want to make big budget action/adventure movies but may have limited funds and thus have to compromise on special effects.When you are thinking about institution as a key concept it is important to remember that you need to be able to identify:- What institution created a particu...


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3009 words - 13 pages plain text, showing that this technological trend is an effective way for physicians to engage in dialogue. Therefore, social media provides opportunities for professionals in the healthcare industry to collaborate because it allows for greater “infusion of innovative ideas” (Jarrahi and Sawyer, 2013). Social media also allows physicians and healthcare institutions to engage in more dialogue with their patients, thereby improving the service

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940 words - 4 pages Page | 1 Social Media represents a platform where anybody can speak their mind, well that's what they tell us. But with all the new Facebook algorithms more and more posts and articles are being censored, Facebook now controls what it wants you to read....This is Freedom of Speech? It is because I agree with Jack Smithson of NeonNettle l that I stand in Affirmation of today’s resolution that, the use of social media as a news source undermines

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1664 words - 7 pages Free people would commit crime where and when there is no social control placed on individuals through institutions such as law enforcement agents, schools, workplaces, churches, mosques and families. Social control might be external (e.g. the threat of police and punishments) or internal (the voice of conscience and ethos). Media as a cause of crime might ridiculously weaken external controls by disdainful exhibitions of criminal justice. Essentially

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486 words - 2 pages , especially at the nation’s community colleges. While most research and media attention has largely focused on students attending four-year institutions, this survey suggests that mental health conditions are more prevalent, and service use is lower, among community college students. While this initial study does not disentangle the reasons for the differences compared to four-year populations, socioeconomic factors are likely a key contributor, as suggested by our previous report focused on housing and food insecurity, Hungry to Learn, as well as the extensive literature documenting the relationship between poverty and mental health.

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5982 words - 24 pages and how much the use of new media has risen and, to that end, the influence it has had over influencing voting behaviour. Old media has been defined as ‘the mass media institutions that predominated prior to the information age; particularly print media, film studios, advertising agencies, radio broadcasting and television’. Defining new media: ‘New media are forms of media that are native to computers, computational and relying on computers for

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707 words - 3 pages demonstrates that Aboriginals are looked down upon as minorities by other races due to social and economic factors. This also includes structural institutions, such as hospitals where healthcare professionals could easily discriminate against Aboriginals based on their clothing, lack of communication, and living conditions—initiating assumptions such as wanting easier drug access and exclusion of inequality barriers between other patients who are

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1639 words - 7 pages other does not. The family will always be questioning if she married him for him or his money. Problems would arise between couples over money issues all the time. · Miscommunication - Miscommunication occurs especially if he/she speaks a different language and come from a different country. 1.4. Critically evaluate FOUR ways in which the media impacts on values and belief about relationships. Social media is changing our relationship styles in

The Importance Of Formal And Informal Education

457 words - 2 pages system',running from primary school through the university andincluding, in addition to general academic studies, avariety of specialized programs and institutions forfull-time technical and professional training."(Smith)Formal education contributes greatly to a child'sdevelopment because this is how the child will learn thesciences and arts. It helps people acquire the skills theyneed for such everyday activities as reading a newspaper

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1970 words - 8 pages criticizing television (especially the BBC) of demoralizing the Christian faith, Hugh Greene, who was director General of the BBC at the time, banned the leader, Mary Whitehouse, from being featured in any area of the BBC (including the radio) so as to stop giving her publicity, this move sparked a huge media interest simply because she was banned from the BBC (BBC, 1997). The kind of power that institutions like the BBC was vast and plans were put

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1126 words - 5 pages to keeping them ignorant from the real world? In my opinion, censorship in any form whatsoever is blatant disrespect to artistic integrity, and is completely unacceptable. In the United States, the first amendment protects everyone from being censored by the government. People in other countries don’t have this privilege however. In the east African country of Eritrea, President Isaias Afewerki has made it so that only state media can disseminate

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2061 words - 9 pages concealing infringement by officers inside the jail, an example being the physical abuse some inmates encounter from the correctional officers. Purpose of Study Corruption has always been a issue in U.S prison institutes. Our justice system allows for criminals to be sent to correctional institutions with an end goal to keep people in general safe, and in addition to get the offenders to act on the track once discharged back into society. But

Should Parents Be Blamed For Teenagers' Misbehavior?

685 words - 3 pages According to a recently published article, teenagers nowadays smoke, drink, and hang out more frequently compared to the last few generations. Many external factors such as media, friends, and so on have been so influential in molding teenagers' behavior and personal character. Although many think that parents should be blamed for teenagers' misbehavior, I strongly believe that teenagers misbehave due to other reasons.Some people may still

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2067 words - 9 pages engage with the civic and political spheres. Rather than dismiss or deride these new forms of engagement, we should see them as healthy progressions in the continued evolution of the culture and values of Australian politics. References Essential Report, 2015. Trust in Institutions. Essential Media Communications [online]. Accessed 27/05/2018. Foster, A.J., 1978. Political convergence

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924 words - 4 pages , however, to many it previously seemed simple: you were either deemed male or female. In more recent times, gender identity has risen to the forefront of popular culture, allowing biological gender and gender identity to be recognised as two separate aspects. Although greater awareness is being raised through openly transgender celebrities, such as Laverne Cox, Chaz Bono, and Caitlyn Jenner, everyday institutions such as secondary schools, continue to

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1350 words - 6 pages generation. These contributions usually come from formal institutions, such as churches, the government, and, increasingly, the media; mores, or standards of behavior; laws; and conventional practices and customs (Wilson, 2001). Culture could be defined in extremely vague terms as a way of life.Culture represents all of the customs and practices handed down from generation to generation and many varieties of culture exist (Wilson, 2001). Each specific