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Media Institutions Essay

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In one sense it seems obvious that Institution is a key concept. After all, a media text has to be made by somebody, so there is likely to be an institution involved in the process. The study of institutions is very important, however, because this role also shapes the form of any text being made. In order to analyse the relationship between the text and the target audience, we need to think about how this influences both the production and the receiving of the text. You need to be able to identify the institution that has made the text and know enough about that institution to be able to assess how this has affected the way the text is shaped.What is an Institution?Put simply, the ...view middle of the document...

This would have a significant impact on scheduling and the production process. A small independent producer may want to make big budget action/adventure movies but may have limited funds and thus have to compromise on special effects.When you are thinking about institution as a key concept it is important to remember that you need to be able to identify:- What institution created a particular text- How this institutional context has shaped the text- What ideologies are therefore established in the text- What institutional codes and conventions are used in the text.Types of InstitutionMedia institutions can broadly be divided into three types:-1. Commercial2. Public service3. IndependentCommercial InstitutionsCommercial institutions have to make money to survive - newspapers have to sell advertising space and sell copies; broadcasters have to generate advertising revenue. So, they cannot afford to produce texts which will attract small audiences - especially niche audiences. This is why most commercial institutions will target a 'mass' audience rather than risk losing the advertisers. Thus ITV3 shows programmes calculated to bring in big audiences such as 'The Bill;.Soap operas, reality TV shows and quiz shows are especially popular for commercial television providers because they focus on ordinary people and so help the audience to engage with the programmes by...

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