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Mercedes Benz Quality Improvement Paper

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Quality is a term used to signify excellence of a product or service. When thinking of a quality product such as a vehicle, for example a Mercedes Benz, we know its well designed, well built and will therefore last a long time. If we think of car of being low quality, such as a base model type KIA or Hyundai type with cheap panels, components, and low specifications. This basically means that if you simply want a car that will get you from A to B, and you're not bothered about having the best car for safety or specifications. Therefore, the cheapest car that performs to your requirements is seen as being up to the standard and is therefore of sufficient quality.Mercedes Benz is a very large ...view middle of the document...

The BDC expertise is to handle all service inquiries for the service department, but mainly assisting the services advisors and reduce time and waste. The effective quality of the BDC improves productivity for the whole service by managing all inbound calls. In the last few months, I notice a volume of incorrect calls from the operators that are sometimes for roadside assistants, another dealership, parts dept., and etc.We have tried to help the situation by introducing management to different phone services, and operators to ask a series of quick questions to eliminate call errors. This has been challenging and these procedures have been left unchanged for over a year with little progress. These service calls are very important and should be address to the right department or personnel. The process that needs to be improved is our phone service transfer calls coordination and management. This process of initiating, coordinating, managing and executing a service call needs to be improved. By improving this process we will save time, resources, prevent, and execution issues.As is FlowchartA flowchart is a good way to show visually the process and where the problems are located within the process. Flowcharts can be used to show the current process or "as is" process or "as it should be" process. I will discuss our current process and try to identify areas that need to improve the quality of our events. There are several areas in this process that need improvement. It would be easier to make suggestions or recommendations if MB external customer respondent to surveys quickly. Below is an "as is" flowchart showing the current service calls at MB.FlowchartStartP1 Inbound callsOperatorTransfer callHoldOtherorBDC: Service CoordinatorsSchedule Appointment? or Transfer?Service AdvisorFinishThis is a great example of a complex process in the visual depiction of a flowchart and how much easier it is to describe and understand areas that need quality improvements. The process shows several areas where critical decisions are not made, and effort is wasted because the requirements are not clearly identified or they continually change. The handle of a call is a major concern, because we have to direct the right call to the right person in a timely matter. During this process services can get cancelled, resulting in a large loss of money and time. DTLA Motors MB and Corp MB service develop strategic plans for each dealership and they hardly ever follow these plans. The right requirements, training, and additional tasking need to be identified early to facilitate proper execution of each inbound service calls.Strategic RelationshipThe Business Develop Center Manager has identified his top priorities for BDC to improve the phone system and use interactive simulations on handling phone calls. BDC and Corp. MB work together to develop the best tactical plan for each dealership. BDC is assigned to drive and follow up these service calls to meet company goals and...

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