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Part A
1. The Carmichael coal mine is Australia’s largest. The government have proposed a challenge that will test in the federal court weather climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions should be taken in account when assessing prospective coal licences in Australia. The environmental defender’s office will argue that environmental minister, Greg Hunt failed to consider the impact of greenhouse gasses produced by the burning of coal.
2. The current liberal government has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to try and support and fund new coal infrastructure in the galilee basin.
Greg hunt accounted for the greenhouse gas emissions from extracting and transporting the coal but never considered the burning of the coal. This could produce an extra 130 million tons in the mines life time.
3. In 2006 a court ruling relating to the development of a new coalmine near Moranbah Queensland. Some think that the greenhouse gas emissions from mining, transporting and burning coal shouldn’t be taken into account when assessing mining licences
4. Late 2006, in a case relating to the extension application for the anvil coal mine in new south wales the federal court help firm with their argument that greenhouse gas emissions from mining transporting and burning coal should be taken into account when assessing a coal mining license despite the fact that it is difficult to measure the damage cause by these greenhouse gasses.
5. predict suggest that this could produce 130 million tons of greenhouse gasses over the mines lifetime, a quarter of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.
Part B
Implications of mining in Australia
In 1850 following the discovery of an iron knob found in SA and Benchoff Tasmania Australia started to become recognised as an important producer of tin. Knowing they were on to something that could be a rich industry they decided to start the manufacturing of steel and iron. The industry had some unsuccessful attempts of manufacturing pig iron and steel as the iron ore was of poor quality.
mining in Australia can be great for ...


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