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February 6,1778 Redding, conn.
General Israel Putnam,of the continental army, held a trial today, in which he sentenced several of his own soldiers, among them local boy Sam Meeker,19, to death, general Putnam, wanted to send a message to local citezens that his men were not being allowed to threaten the homes and live stock of nearby towns.
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in april of 1775.
Since then, the patriots, who became the continental army, have waged war against British soldiers in American colonies. The continental army won notable battles at bunker hill at bunker hill and fort ticonderoga.
The continental army roused colonists feelings against them by waylaying and capturing colonists attemting to sell cattle in westchester county, NY , earning them the name of "cow-boys".
Anti patriot feeling has also been aroused by the armys disarming of tory citizens , who are still loyal to england.
The patriots , who believe the colonies should form there own independent government, have been fighting against english taxes and laws.
This war has divided the colonists and even families, as in the cause of the Meekers. Sam's father, a loyalist, was imprisoned by patriots during a trip to sell cattle, and later died on a british prison ship. Now Sam has been killed, by his own patriot army.
Sam leaves his mother, susannah, and brother tim, who pray for an end to this war.


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