Naruto Shippuden Narrative Writing Stage 1 Narrative Writing

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Stage 1 Essential English
Assessment task 4: Narrative Writing
There are two parts to this series, the first one is set on Naruto’s childhood and the second part is based on his teen years. Naruto is about an orphaned ninja named Naruto Uzumaki who tries and searches for recognition from his friends and village and who also dreams of becoming the village’s future Hokage (leader). The story is also about his friend Saskue Uchiha who is focused on hatred and dreams on killing his brother who slaughtered their entire clan.
Naruto becomes a ninja joining with saskue his friend who he often competes with, and Sakura Haruno on whom he has a really bring crush on, to make a squad called team 7 with their trainer as Kakshi Hatake. After going on several different missions team 7 go to the chunin exams to become a more elite ninja and get more high ranked missions. Half way through the exams a wanted criminal named Orochimaru attacks the village and ends up killing the recent hokage (leader). After sasuke tries and fails to kill his brother when he had come to kidnap the 9 tailed beast Naruto, he goes against the village and trains with Orochimaru hoping to gain the strength needed to kill his brother. The story takes a turn when sasuke leaves the village and when the ...


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1188 words - 5 pages , the common bad boy trope is what the world is fixed to see. For instance, throughout the progression of the Naruto Shippuden storyline, Sasuke Uchiha’s ruthlessness and disinterest in his companions masks a disillusioned goal to end all conflict in his world. By recognizing that Eric’s character may be more complex than originally thought, you realize that he is not a true antagonist, and wonder whether his actions are a result of other

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